Why won’t my iPhone update complete guide [2017 Updated]

Hi, guys, today I’m come with a guide to fix very know issue why wont my iPhone update.

I know how much you love your iPhone. We all getting happiness when our iPhone getting a software update.

Am I right? absolutely.

Suppose you want to update your iPhone with latest software release and suddenly you got a message pop up from your phone unable to install update an error occurred.😱

I know most of us face this problem.

You see other iPhone with the same model getting software update but sometimes your phone show this error messages phone won’t update.😰

So don’t afraid I’m here to help you and today I will going to give the only guide you need to solve this problem.

I personally face this problem on my iPhone. I trying lots of methods and doing lots of research by searching on google. It always shows me iPhone 6 won’t update software.😎

Don’t you don’t have to do these work? You just have to follow this guide to fix your iPhone.

Let’s see what you have to do to fix your phone.

First, see the list of iPhone which getting iOS 10 update.

Here is the list of iPhone models which are getting iOS 10. I give you list because some this is reason of ios 10 downloaded but won’t install.
The only device given below are getting the update. So if you try to update your phone with iOS 10. Then first verify that your iPhone is in the or not.

iPhone 5
iPhone 5c
iPhone 5s
iPhone SE
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iPad mini 2
iPad mini 3
iPad mini 4
iPad 4th generation
iPad Air
iPad Air 2
iPad Pro
iPod Touch 6th generation

So here the apple’s devices which are not getting the iOS 10 update.

iPhone 3G/3GS
iPhone 4/4S
iPod Touch/2nd generation/3rd generation/4th generation/5th generation/
So these devices are not getting the update anymore. If your device is present in this list. Then your device can’t update, if not then see the guide to fix the issue of ios 10 won’t install.
(Keep Reading, I will give you very powerful tips to overcome this issue.)

How to fix why wont my iPhone update issue

OK, First you have to restart your iPhone. Because some time phone restart solves this issue.

So to do this just simply restart your iPhone. By pressing the power button to shut down and again press the power button to open it.

Now try to update your iPhone. The first ensure that you have packet data or WiFi connection is available.

If your strat updating then well good if still, you have this issue on your phone then take next method.

Trying to fix iTunes if you using it to update your iPhone
If you are trying to update your iPhone with iTunes and getting error message your iPhone won’t update.

Then you have to update your iTunes or reinstall with a newer version.


  1. Launch your iTunes and plugin your phone in the computer via USB cable.
  2. Now go to the iPhone icon and click on it.
  3. Now navigate to the update button and click on it.Using setting App to update your iPhone( without iTunes)
    Go to the setting App on your iPhone and tap on the General tab.
    Now navigate to the Software Update tab and tap on it.
    It will start checking for an update.
    If your iPhone not able to update take the last method given below. This method definitely solves you why wont my iPhone update to ios 10

Before taking this step first you have backup your all data. Because this method will erase all data.

Because of the issue in your iOS. So now you have to reinstall iOS on your iPhone.

Pro Tip:😎

Try to change your phone language
Yes, this is one of the solutions I have tried to fix this issue. So you have to change your language to another language, for example, English to German. After that, your phone will rest automatically. You don’t have to do anything. When it’s complete the process. Then again change the language to your preferred language. It may fix unable to install update an error occurred installing ios 10 issue.

Please continue reading the method given below definitely fix your issue

Restore iPhone
If you still unable to install update an error occurred. Then don’t worry guys methods given above are may help solve your problem but if not then Restore in only the solution of all problem in iPhone.

Yes, Restore fix all software related issue. Because Restore reinstall the software on your phone and It erases all the data and settings. So keep in mind first take the full backup the f phone and then proceed.

Pro tip: The Backup makes this process very very safe. You can restore your phone and get all previous contacts and setting and all other stuff.

How to take complete iPhone backup
There are two ways to take iPhone or iPad backup Using iTunes. One is Wireless Synchronization and other is via USB cable.

Wireless Sync backup
GO to setting> iCloud> storage and backup> turn off iCloud Backup.
Go to Setting > General> iTunes Wi-Fi Sync > Select your PC from the list> Sync Now
Using a USB cable
iPhone Backup iTunes

Turn off iCloud, setting> iCloud> storage and backup> turn off iCloud Backup.
Connect iPhone/ iPad to PC or Mac using USB cable.
Open iTunes.
Right click on device and select backup.
Wait for completing the backup process and then go for next step given below to restore iPhone.

How to Restore iPhone via Recovery Mode
Open iTunes on your computer.
Plug USB cable only in your computer but not in your iPhone ok.
Now switch off your iPhone and wait for five minutes. Because iPhone takes up to five minutes to completely switched off.
Now press and hold the home key on your iPhone from one hand and at the same time connect USB cable to your phone from your other hand until iTunes show the message iPhone connected.
Now click on Restore button on iTunes.
How to Restore iPhone via DFU Mode
DFU mode is hard reset for your iPhone. I suggest first try to recovery mode. if you still getting your iPhone won’t update. Then try to restore iPhone via DFU mode.

Plug you iPhone into the computer via USB cable.
Press and hold the Home button and power Button at the same time for 8 seconds.
Right after 8 seconds release the power button and keep holding the home button until iTunes show Connect Message.
When iTunes show iPhone connected in recovery mode and your iPhone display goes blank and black release home button.
Navigate to restore button on iTunes and click on it.
That’s it, This will surely solve your iPhone updating issue”why wont my iPhone update”
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I am damn sure that this guide to defiantly fix why wont my iPhone update issue. Just try all methods one by one and take a full backup of your phone before starting the process. If you getting any problem during the process then comment your problem in comment box given below and like and share this guide thanks keep visiting Techbina.

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Why won’t my iPhone update complete guide [2017 Updated]

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