Best Top 5 SEO Tips For 2015

Top Five SEO Tips For 2015

Top Five SEO Tips By Techbian

When the algorithm updates of search engines are changing their processes of searching and also change to strategies of SEO and everyone is looking for new updated news and strategies for SEO for her/his blog/site, because search engines mostly rely on the content and how to blog looking? developed and published by blog/site’s owner. However in every day search engines have to updating her algorithms which makes the blog and site’s owner unhappy, because they have to changing their SEO techniques as per new algorithm updates.  Thus webmasters trying to find new SEO tips and techniques which compatible with currently updated algorithm for her/his blog and site on the internet, so today we are going to share top 5 SEO strategies or tips which is work perfectly for all updated algorithm in 2015. SEO is a good techniques to grow your online business. But SEO process are in two categories the first is white hat SEO and the second is black hat SEO. White Hat SEO is a original SEO which is doing by the real author/webmaster of blog/site, this type of process is hard to doing, once you’ve applying white hat SEO process on your blog then your blog is successful. In this process blogger creating backlinks for own blog and sites by own. Whereas the Black Hat SEO it is a second type of SEO which very harmful for your blog in this process webmaster has purchase the paid links for their blog and sites which is not compatible with search engines if you applying black hat SEO in your blog or site then your blog and websites are blocked by Google and other search engines. Hence in this article includes the Top 5 SEO Tips and strategies for 2015 algorithm updates.

Top 5 SEO Tips For 2015

In above, we’ve mention that we found the new tips and strategies of SEO for 2015, and these all getting organic traffic to your site or blog from search engines, we’ve also use these tip on our blog Techbian and when we got nice result on our newly blog then we’re decide to write an post about these SEO tips. So this time move on the below five tips.

1. Regularly Updating Your Blog & Content Daily

This is most important tips for best search results because it is 75% depending on your blog’s content if you content is copied then your blog are indexing on search results of Google and other search engines, so write the post in your own words and not copied from other blogs. If you write a post on mobile specifications and prices then after few week the price are changed  which best for you then you’ve to change the price of mobile in your post once you can edit your post and again publish then search engines bots coming back to your updated post and crawling then again your post are shown in search results.

If you are using the self hosted wordpress platform then we recommending to you that you can using the best plugin on your wordpress blog, the plugin WordPress SEO Plugin we’re also using this plugin our new blog Techbian this plugin have lots of features for best search results of your blog. We’re coming soon with a post that on how to install and use the wordpress SEO plugin.

2. Include Few Images and Videos in Your Posts

This is second best strategies and tip for best SEO can work on your blog also. Create your own video which is best for your post and you can be upload your created video on Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion this is most popular online video sites for uploading and watching then copy the embed code and paste in your post. Also you can upload atleast 1 image on your post that can be edit and add the Alt text and Title text. Then last step that your post are visits by users or not? so track your keyword for that post then you may know its getting improved or not.

3. Add Meta Description & Custom Permalinks

This is third one tip for SEO in 2015, adding the meta description it is best technique to improving your overall ranking add the meta description in limit of 156 characters. Add the unique description but relevant to your post title and topic.

Using the custom permalinks also counting in best SEO for 2011 to 2015 this feature are available in every blog tool. Add the unique permalink which different from your post title and description but relevant all of them.

4. Using The Webmaster Tools

If you want to your website or blog are faster and indexing and ranking on search engines quickly then you can using the Google Webmaster Tool & Bing Webmaster Tool. In Webmasters tools there is lots of functions to improving your blog and sites but this is a not easy process to using he webmasters tool. So you can do it yourself from step-by-step and then check your site that is improved or not? To check your site is improved or not follow the below steps.

  • Go To Webmaster >> Login in
  • Click on your website at top left side
  • Crawl >> Fetch As Google

This step for knowing that your site is accessed or not and the most important step you need to submit toy blog or site’s sitemap to Google and Bing Webmaster Tools.

5. Build Natural Backlinks

Bloggers are applying the On-page SEO such as optimizing titles, meta description, focus keyword, permalinks and etc. are best for your blog or site. If you want to increase your blog ranking and position in search results then you need to build the more & more and backlinks on good Page Rank sites, Comment luv Enabled blogs, Educational site and popular forums etc. Remember that don’t create backlinks on that site or blog whose have the copied content, adult content and other that is not followed the Google Terms And Policies so care fully creating the backlink on High Page Rank Sites.


So users there are top 5 seo tips for 2015 but type of White Hat SEO. We guess these SEO tricks are followed by your blog then it helps to improving your overall ranking and search results position. This strategies are working for all search engines. However there is lots of more tips of SEO in other blog and sites which can be also useful for improving your blog or site ranking.