How to Set a password and lock Google Chrome Profile

how to unlock Google Chrome Profile

Hi, guys, today will share you a very useful guide how to set a password and Google Chrome Profile. We all know that Google Chrome is most widely used Internet Browser worldwide. Its fast and works fine low bandwidth connection. There are lots of Extensions available by which we can make our work more effective and easy.

We know the importance of our browser profile data. Our Browsing generally contains Bookmarks, history, Cookies and most important our password and username details.

So wants to secure your Browsing via a password but don’t know how to set a password on a chrome profile.

Don’t panic today I gonna to share a step by step guide to Secure chrome profile with a password.

So how to do?

Step by step guide How to Set a password and lock Google Chrome Profile

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Step 1: First you have to make a new person profile or Account on Google Chrome as a supervised user.

So to do this first we have to enable Profile management system in Chrome. To open this you have entered the following command in Chrome address bar or you just copy from here and then hit the enter button.


We can’t go to use this profile. We just make this supervised profile to use the features that we use to lock our profile. So don’t get confusion here.

Step 2: In this step, you have to set New profile management system to “Enabled” from Drop down list just below the “New profile management system”.

How to lock Google Chrome Profile with a password

Step 3: After this, you have to Restart Chrome to take effect. To restart chrome scroll down to the bottom. You see a “RELAUNCH NOW” Button click on this.

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Step 4: When chrome relaunched, Open chrome setting. To open chrome Setting you have click menu button at the top right corner of the chrome window and click on “Settings” option.

How to lock Google Chrome Profile with a password

Step 5: A new window will open in front of you. Then you have to click on “Add person” Button from “People” section.

How to lock Google Chrome Profile with a password

Step 6:  Then a dialog box will open in front of you. Now you have to enter a name for this user and check the “Control and view the website this person visit from [email protected] and then click on “Add” button.

How to lock Google Chrome Profile with a password

This will open a new dialog box in front of you. The dialog box informs you that this new person is now a supervised user. You can change the setting for the supervised user from the link given at the bottom of dialog box.

We don’t want to switch user at this time. So just click on “ Ok got it” Button.

How to lock Google Chrome Profile

Step 7: After the above steps you will see a new supervised user in people section.

Step 8: Now when you click on your profile you can select “Exit and child lock” to lock your profile. If you want to lock your profile you must have to click on “Exit and child lock” button. Otherwise, your profile not locked . its means that if you normally close your chrome window your profile will be unlocked.

Step 9: Next time when you open chrome with your profile its ask your password you just enter your email password to unlock your profile.

That’s it you have done.

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So using this step by step guide How to Set a password and lock Google Chrome Profile you can protect your browsing. I am trying to give you this guide in possible easiest steps if anyone faces issue regarding this guide during the process. Feel free to ask me by commenting just below the post and you may also like Linux Kali Dual Boot with Windows 10 a complete guide And lots of other tutorials on android and windows.

I hope you like this guide. Please share and like it on social media and keep visiting to get more interesting guides