Now You Can Increase Storage From Sandisk’s Large microSD Card

Sandisk’s new mammoth microSD card which is 200 GB and have a speed of 90 MB per seconds and 1000 images per minute. This card breaks the all card storage and crossed the limit of portable storage such as USB flash drives and old microSD card. The smartphone, camera or any device which has the ability to expand up to 200 GB storage and is claimed the fastest speed of data transfer through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

This card will especially very usable for photographers and those people whose working on films industries or any kind of purpose to transfer the data one device to another.


The features of this memory card are outstanding we listed below some features and specifications of Sandisk’s 200 GB memory card.

Feature of Sandisk’s 200 GB microSD card

  1. Water Proof
  2. Temperature Proof
  3. Dry Proof
  4. Shock Proof
  5. X-Ray Proof
  6. Magnet Proof
  7. and Big Storage.

By using this microSD card you no need to carry a flash drive, external or portable hard disk, and laptop, because its storage is enough for and kind of data transferring.

This memory card is available on E-commerce websites like Amazon & Flipkart.

Most of the handset supported the expandable storage up to 2 TB, and many smartphone manufacturers like LG its LG G4 can expandable up to 2 TB, well this smartphone’s internal storage is 128 GB, if you’ve lots of data so insert the Sandisk’s mammoth 200 GB microSD card, also this memory card supports the camera.

Those users who want to add more and big data storage to device like LG G4, iPhone 6S (Launch in September of 2015) and HTC One M9+ which are comes with 2 TB of external storage support, then you should be able to expand your storage to 200 GB with the new Sandisk’s 200 GB microSD card.

The price of this memory card for now on Amazon is available for $240 and Indian it is Rs. 15,250 approximately.