New Way To Run Android Apps & Games In PC Using Remix OS

Remix OS

Most of the emulators like Bluestacks, YouWave and other, you’re using some of them emulators to run and play android apps and games in your desktop and laptop but they are few bit slow and also slow down your PC, but the Remix OS solved this problem because it is not an emulator like other. This is the Android based Operating System or you can also say it an Linux Distro which is developed by Jide Technology. This OS is the forked version of Android Lollipop which made by Jide and developed for running on any x86-bit processors PC means the Remix OS will run on both the AMD & Intel processor based computers as well as Laptops.

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The Remix is very flexible, responsive, beautiful, fast and easy to use operating system. You can say it is a mixture of Mac EI Captain, Android Lollipop & Windows 10, because it has Window’s Close, minimize & maximize buttons, Start menu and taskbar just like Windows 10 and it has notification area and its animations like Mac EI Captain and it can run all APK files like an Android, so we’re called it is a mixture of these three operating systems.

Remix OS UI

System Requirement For Remix OS

  • USB 3.0 Flash Drive that support Fat32 format which have at least 8GB of capacity
  • Intel or AMD Processor based PC
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • OPTIONAL :- Internet Connection (For Access Google Play Store & Browsing)
  • A PC With Legacy USB boot option

Remix is flexible and suitable to Office, you can also make presentations, reports, bills and letters through Office for Android app and running in Remix OS. Also It has a intuitive File manager which lots of advance function. Once you’ve installed this OS then you’ll be able to download apps, themes, launchers, games, books from Google Play store just like an Android smartphone.

To get Remix OS in your PC you will just need to download this OS and transfer it in your USB 3.0 flash drive that support Fat32 format which have atleast 8GB storage capacity then boot your USB in PC with Legacy USB boot option then you’re done.

Note :- Remix OS will available for downloading from the 12 January 2016 from the official website of Jide. The Android Marshmallow Version is coming soon and not available on January 12th.