How To Root Android Smartphone Without Pc/Computer using Apps

Hi guys today I’m going to introduce you to some different and easy method of how to root android smartphone without Pc/Computer. Well, all know that a rooted android smartphone is more powerful than a unrooted android smartphone. basically, a rooted android phone gives us root access. by which we performer any changes in our phone.

Mostly people facing many problems during the rooting process. Many people think that rooting a phone will cause of loss of warranty. They think that the rooting process is a very typical task.

No this is not truth rooting is not harmful if a person follows the complete process step by step.

Benefits of rooting android

  1. Rooting allows you to change anything you wants in your android smartphone as well as you can perform any customization according to our need.
  2. A Rooted android phone supports mostly every app which we can not run or install on a unrooted android phone. There are lots of very powerful rooted apps are there which increase the usability of our phone.
  3. The best encouragement of rooting the android phone gets rid of bloatware.  Yes, you can remove unnecessary apps which preinstalled on your phone which can not possible without rooting.
  4. We can increase and power up the android phone by an increase by overclocking the processor.
  5. Rooting allows us to install various powerful Custom Rom.

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How to root android phone/ tablet without PC/computer

So today I’m going to show you some apps by which you can root your android smartphone without PC/computer. These apps allow you to root your android phone without any loss and all these processes are automated. You just have to install this apps and rest work will be done by the app.

Best Apps for Root Android Phone/ Tablet  without Pc/Computer complete list

  1. Iroot
  2. FramaRoot
  3. Kingroot
  4. Vroot
  5. Towel Root
  6. Z4Root
  7. CF Auto Root 
  8. Kingoroot

How to Root Android Phones Using Rooting Apps Without Pc/ Computer

To make your work effort free I shared a step by step guide on how to root the android phone without the computer.  These apps have different rooting process. So you have to choose one of these apps according to your ease. All the apps working with the mostly android smartphone.

              Step by Step Guide  how to use root tool for android 

#Iroot –  Root android without Computer/PC

how to root android phone without computer

Iroot is a rooting tool for android by which you can get root access on android phone without PC. This is very powerful rooting tool for android. I root supports various smartphone model.This app allows you to get root access without PC by a single tap on your screen. There are lots similar apps are there but a most powerful feature of this which make its different from others, its Unroot option. Yes, this app allows to unroot android mobile as well. So that way Iroot app is my personally best app to root android phone/tablet without computer/PC.

How to use I root android app to root android phone-tablet without PC/computer.

Iroot the best android root tools app

  • Download Iroot android root tools apk.
  • Install Iroot on your android phone.
  • Open App click root option.
  • Enjoy your phone is rooted.

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#Framaroot Android rooting tool

how to root android phone without pc

Framaroot is one of the best android rooting tools to root any android smartphone.  without using PC laptop. This app allows us one click root feature. By Using Faramaroot rooting tool we can root android phone by a single click. O r in we wants to get back our phone in the previous state (no root). The app supports this functionality too. This app supports a No root or Unroot option by which we can remove Superuser accessibility from the phone . Framaroot android rooting tool support nearly all smartphone.

How to root android phone without PC using Framaroot

  • Download and install Framaroot
  • open app selects Exploit supported by your phone.
  • Now click on Root and Enjoy.

#Kingroot  Android rooting tool Root without Pc

how to root android phone without pc

 Kingroot root also a best android rooting app to root the android phone without PC.  This app allows you to safely root your phone. This app best work with those Android phone which having Mediatek processor. Don’t worry you another processor this app support most of the android phone. King root also support No root ( UnRoot option). This app also allows you to root your android phone without pic by a single click. It is safe and easy to use.

Root without PC using Knigroot android rooting app

  1. Download and install kingroot on your android smartphone.
  2. open app and you will a rooting option click on that button and get rooted.
  3. It takes few seconds to root your phone.
  4. Enjoy.

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#Vroot Root android phone without computer

how to root android phone without pc

Vroot is one of the best android rooting apps to root the android phone without PC. This app allows you to root by just a click for sure. You just have to click on Root option and boom your phone will restart with Root. Now you can do anything with your rooted android phone. This is the best app for rooting Chinses android phone. We know most of the app does not support a Chines android phone. In this case, VRoot is one of the best options for you Download .

#Towel root: Root without PC

how to root android phone without pc

Towel Root is another rooting tool fro android to root the android phone without pc.  This app surrounded all option which having other Android rooting app. You can Get or remove superuser with a single click. This app also supports nearly all android phone.

This app is free easy to use work fine with most of the android phone. So if want to root your android phone without using a computer then this app is best for you.

How to root android phone without PC sing towel root android rooting tool

  • Download and install  Towel Root.
  •  Open this app and you will see MakeRA1n click on that.
  • Wait for a second and get root.
  • Now Enjoy.

#CF Auto Root: Root without computer/Pc

how to root android phone without pc

CF Auto Root is another app to root the android phone without pc or computer. We all know that Samsung phones are very easy to root but when we root from the computer. Most of the app are failed to root Samsung phones.

This app is work extremely good with all Samsung as well as others. If you have a Samsung android phone then this app is best for you. This app very popular in categories of Android rooting tool apk.

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How to root android phone without PC using CF Auto Root

  • Download and install CF Auto Root ask.
  • Open and click on rooting option that’s it.
  • Wait for few second.
  • Enjoy now your phone is rooted.

#Kingoroot: Root android phone without computer

how to root android phone without pc

KingoRoot is also best apk to root android phone. This app also working with all smartphone and very easy to use. If you don’t have a computer then this app may be the good option for you. Try this app and enjoy the fun of rooting on your android phone without any risk.

This app also roots your android phone with a single click and the working method is same as others.

How to Root android phone without Pc using Kingoroot android tool

  • First Download and install then open Knigoroot in your phone.
  • When you opened this app you will see a rooting option in your android phone screen click on that and boom.
  • Now Just Enjoy.

This app is the very powerful app, I personally suggest you to use this app.

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So as you see I have listed all the best android rooting tools apk to root your android phone without Pc. This guide will help you a lot and easy to use. If you have to face any issue regarding Rooting process then tell me via commenting.

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