How to Remove Broken Registry Items in Windows 10

Are corrupted registry files bothering your PC? here are the ways to clean them.
how to delete broken entries in windows registry

Broken registry items are the potential items or you can say the files that can arise the several issues in your Windows 10 PC. These registry items conflict with the Microsoft Windows operating system to prevent functioning properly.

The most common problem that Windows 10 users face is a lagging problem and there could be a certain reason behind it and a “broken registry item” is one of them. So in this guide, we’ll help you get rid of these corrupted registry items, but before we move forward to a solution let us first understand what are these registry files and how do they affect your computer’s performance.

The registry item files on the computer are those files that are added automatically when you install a new application on your computer then a specific registry file of that software gets added in the Windows registry directory.

So when these items gets broken and corrupted and why you need to delete or remove them?

Well, this is pretty simple to answer, when you uninstall an application the residue remains in your computer. These registries are generally corrupted or broken and may slow down your computer or cause other issues.

Ways to Delete Broken Registry Items

These are the some proven ways to delete and clean the corrupted registry items in Windows 10.

  • Use Disk Cleanup
  • Use Reset This PC
  • Use DISM Command

So here are the complete steps to perform each method in order to fix delete registry items that are broken.

Solution 1: Using Disk Cleanup

Performing a proper disk cleanup on the system drive i.e C:/ drive can solve the issue. Here’s how to do a disk clean in Windows 10.

Step 1: Go to Start menu and search for “Disk Cleanup”

Open Disk Cleanup

Step 2: Now Select the C:/ drive on which the the operating system is installed.

Step 3: Now click on the “Clean up System Files” button to deep scan the OS files for cleaning up the registry items.

The process may take some minutes to find the files that can be cleaned to free up the unnecessary occupied space by the corrupted and temporary files.

Once the process is finished, reboot your PC, the broken items problem should be resolved.

Solution 2: Resetting the Windows 10

If performing disk cleanup didn’t fix your problem you can try to refresh your PC. It will bring the PC to the original state similar to just installed fresh Windows 10. Here are the steps to do it.

Step 1: Go to Start and open the Settings

Step 2: Now go to Update & Security options.

Step 3: Then go to Recovery tab and click on the Reset this PC button to start the process to refress the Windows 10

Reset Windows 10

Make sure to select the option that says Keep My Files.

Select Keep My Files to prevent data wipe.

Wait for the process completion, your problem will be resolved.

Solution 3: Using DISM

The last thing you can do is run the DISM command to fix the broken registry issue in Windows 10.

Step 1: Press Win + R to open the Run and type cmd to open the Command Prompt

Step 2: In Command prompt type the following command or you can directory paste it.

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

Make sure to enable to copy-paste shortcut in the command prompt in order to paste the command otherwise you have to type it by yourself.

Once you entered the command in CMD, hit enter. Now wait for the process to be finished.

Hopefully, you’ve got the 3 ways to fix broken registry files in Windows 10. If your problem still not resolved and still showing the broken registry, we recommend using the Registry clean or repairing tool application to the everything for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes broken registry items?

Corrupted Software files, temp windows files, malware, registry fragments are the potential causes of broken registry items in Windows 10.

Is is safe to clean registry with CCleaner?

Yes, you can use the CCleaner or any other trusted and secure third-party tool to clean up your Windows 10 registry.

How do I clean up a broken registry?

You can clean it by using the disk clean Windows utility, running the DISM command, refreshing Windows 10, or by using any safe third-party registry cleaner app.

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