Phoenix OS – Run Android x86 Lollipop 5.1 On Computer

Android Lollipop based Phoenix OS

After Remix OS & Console OS, now this time for new intuitive and beautiful android lollipop based OS for PC that’s name is Phoenix OS, Phoenix OS is the best ever Android Platform run on the Mostly desktops  include low-end pcs as well as Laptop. We already shared  some article and alternative methods to install and run Android On PC with and without any emulator, you can read all of our Android on PC based article after this post. First of all, our most read guide is how to install Android 6.0 Marshmallow on PC, but this method is old then we already shared an article to Run Android Lollipop via Remix OS as well as Windows means, you can dual boot the Remix OS and Windows 10 easily via this guide. If you’re using Linux or Ubuntu as your primary operating system then you can easily dual boot Remix with Ubuntu / Linux. So, reader, this is our past guides and different ways to run Android and its applications on Desktop and Laptop.

During dual booting or not dual boot installation of Android-x86 based operating system most peoples facing the Grub Bootloader problem, because Grub Bootloader replaces the Windows boot file. When you want to remove Android-x86 from your dual-booted PC then you faced a problem then your PC will not able to boot or run your primary OS i.e Widows. This month there are four different methods to run the Android Platform on PC you can read all by searching query “run android os on PC” on out site.

Remix OS Alternative Phoenix OS

In past days when you dual boot 2 operating system in one PC, you need to run Grub bootloader commands and complete the other difficult tasks. But the main benefit of using and installing Phoenix OS (based on new & improved Lollipop version) is that it offers the single click and single exe file to install and uninstall from your PC, which means you don’t need to download extra software like Unetbootin and etc..

Hardware Compatibility:

The version of Phoenix OS is x86 so it can be run on intel x86 devices and it can be install and using either on a USB pen drive or the existing partition of your hard disk without touching any personal or windows files system.

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It is recommended to use the good class and greater capacity of USB drive with the intel x86 computers and use the RAM more than 2GB. So when installing to a USB drive you should use the high-performance with maximum storage up to 8GB because low-performance USB drive will slow download your Phoenix OS on your PC.

Features of Phoenix OS

  • Start menu (Full screen & non-Full screen)
  • Multi-window supports with Title bars just like Windows
  • Free to stretching & resizing the windows
  • User-friendly File Manager having features like LAN Access, Global searching, Cross-windows dragging, Mouse operation and compression.
  • Familiar and intuitive Keyboard that supports almost all common Keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+ V, Ctrl+ A, Ctrl+ C and much more.
  • A Clean Notification area just like Windows 10 & Remix OS
  • Runs all Android Apps & Games perfectly.

How to install Phoenix OS based Android Lollipop on Windows PC:

  1. First, you need to download the PhoenixOSInstaller-1.0.8-RC.exe file
    free download phoenix os for pc
  2. When downloading finished, the downloaded PhoenixOSInstaller-1.0.8-RC.exe as administrator.
  3. Now the windows will open, then choose the method you want to install on your hard drives’ partition then select Install to Hard Disk option and if you want to install Phoenix OS on your USB drive(must be high-performance) then choose Write to U Disk option.
  4. After the installation method selection, then select the drive where you want to install the Android Lollipop based Phoenix OS. Then finally click on Write button.

When Phoenix OS has been successfully installed on your selected option(Hard disk or USB Drive U Disk) now simply reboot your PC then select the Phoenix OS from the list of OS. And if you’ve selected the U Disk option then simply go to your bios boot menu then select the your USB drive and hit enter. Now the Phoenix will run on your PC.


So this the next and best ever method to run Android Lollipop 5.1 on PC via Phoenix OS, but the race of Android-based OS is never finished, developers never stops to create new OS so stay connect with us subscribe us to get upcoming guides, new and tips straight to your inbox. If you have any question or you’d really enjoy this post then give your kind feedbacks and don forget to share this guide with your friends on your social profiles.