OnePlus Decide the Launch Date of OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 Specifications

OnePlus is the new manufacturer comes in smartphone world in 2015, Its first mobile cannot be disappointed to users, due to its high-end specifications and cheapest price. First time OnePlus has launched his first android smartphone which is OnePlus 1, this smartphone comes with high specification which are expected to big brands.

OnePlus has finally announced the new OnePlus 2 release date, this is not release on next year, it has going to release on July 27th which was earlier to be April. During the launching OnePlus decided to launching the OnePlus 2 in a different style. The live streaming of this event will take place in virtual reality starting at 7 PM on some famous tech new channels.

Any user don’t know that what cost of OnePlus 2 yet, so this time to discuss some specifications of the handset, according to report OnePlus 2 will run on Snapdragon 810 processor with 4GB of RAM.

A 5.5-inch QHD screen with the 3,300 mAh powerful battery, same as OnePlus 1 it has also 16 MP rear and 5 MP font-facing camera.

OnePlus has a developed a new UI for OnePlus 2 that is OxygenOS users was expected that the new UI dubbed in OnePlus 2 are more attractive, more featurable, and more good navigation.

Specifications of OnePlus 2

So we get discuss the some high-end specifications of OnePlus 2, the handset has lots of exciting features at this price range, OnePlus 2 is little bit not similar to OnePlus 1.

The handset has 5.5-inch QHD display just same like as OnePlus 1. and Also it has 4GB RAM for fastest process in the bigger apps and Bigger games like Need For Speed The RUN, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and other High definition games.

The OnePlus 2 will also have a USB C-Type which is first in a flagship of Smartphone by a major manufacturer. The OnePlus has announced the price of this handset will approx Rs. 20,450.

The company has dubbed a OxygenOS in OnePlus2 and we hope it will be more beautiful and even customization according to users need.

OnePlus 2 has a snapper which capturing the sharp and clear pictures with the 16 mega pixel from the back side of handset and another is 5 mega pixel from its front side.

oneplus 2 handset

Look at above image its design are awesome, finishing with metal and available in to some colors option, also it is a water and dust resistant body. We’ve doubt about its this feature at this lower price but the metal on this handset are awesome at this price range which is not offering the other manufacturer.

OnePlus 1 hasn’t the removable battery, but if OnePlus 2 there is removable battery with 3,300 mAh. This handset is powered by a Snapdragon Qualcomm 810 processor.

OnePlus 2 launching will be around a year old-time moves fast in the smartphone world, with the new Snapdragon chipset. We hope this phone is best smartphone in 2015.

The Storage of this handset is also good so you can now store your lots of need at the one place. The 64 GB storage are available in some versions of OnePlus 1, We hope it could be upgraded to 128 GB.