Solved: Microsoft Publisher won’t Save Files as PDF

how to save publisher as pdf

Microsoft is known for the two things, Windows operating system and Office suite. After Windows OS, the Office suite is the second most revenue-generating source for Microsoft. Recently some of the users are encountering the issue while using Publisher. The problem is Microsoft Publisher won’t save files as PDF, and that’s not a problem in Office suit but a lack of compatibility.

While working on Publisher and save or export the document in the PDF format it directly throws an error message that means Publisher cannot save the file in PDF. So in this guide, we’re going to share the exact methods that helped us to resolve this PDF exporting issue in Microsoft Publisher.

Solutions to Resolve the Issue

So here are the 3 ways to fix to get rid of this Microsoft Publisher won’t save the file in PDF document format.

  1. Change the Default Target Printer
  2. Enable Print to PDF Option
  3. Repair/Reinstall MS Office Suite

Change Default Printer/Scanner

Windows operating system gives you an option to print the documents or export the documents in PDF format when you have no printer or scanner device connected to your computer. So you have to ensure whether your default device printing device set to anything else.

1 . Go to Start and open the Settings from Start Menu

2. Now in the Settings, choose the Devices.

3. Go to the Printers & Scanners tab, there you’ll see an option that says “Let Windows manage my default printer” uncheck this option.

4. Click on the Microsoft Print to PDF from the list (If it’s missing then go to Solution #2) and select Manage.

5. Then click on the Set as default button.

Once you’re done with these steps, open you document in the Microsoft Publisher and open the Menu to print or press Ctrl + P. The Micrsoft Print to PDF appear in the slected printer setion.

Now you can save it to PDF by just clicking on Print.

Hope this solution worked for you t resolve the can’t save as PDF issue, if it didn’t, let’s try out with another fix!

Enable Print to PDF Feature

As we mentioned above, Windows OS gives you tons of option that may or may not be of your use but also provide you the way to disable and enable it. Same way be sure whether the Print to PDF option is disabled by default or got disabled due to conflicts with some thrid parties programs.

1. Open the Control Panel by searching it on the Start Menu.

2. Now got to the Program and Features option, under this, click on the Turn Windows features on or off option.

3. A popup dialog box will open with a bunch of features that you can disable or enable. You’ve to look for Microsoft Print to PDF feature, make sure it should be checked means enabled.

4. Once you done this, click OK and reboot your PC.

Now the Print to PDF printer option will appear in the printer list, if you were not able to follow method #1 then you can try it now. The Microsoft Publisher should save your document as a PDF.

Try to Repair MS Office Suite

Sometimes when Windows installs the new updated in your PC it may randomly conflics with some already installed application and software in your computer and this may also cause an issue to prevent Publisher saving documents by using Print to PDF option.

To apply this fix you have to:

1. Open the Control Panel again then go to Program and Features one more time and select Uninstall a program.

2, Search for the Microsoft Office suite click on it select Change from the top menu.

3. It will give you two options to repair the whole MS Office, not just Publisher. You can select any and wait for the repairing to completed.

Check again to saving file as PDF in Microsoft Publisher, the issue should have resolved now.

Furthermore you can not just repair your Office suite you have two more option that can resolve the error. You can also Reinstall the Office and Update it to newer version as well.

May be it’s not YOUR Day 🙁

If you’re still having the same problem even after trying the all of above solution then its time to say good bye to Publisher and welcome some good alternatives like Adobe Acrobat Reader. Its a pretty good application to handle all of your PDF tasks whether its importing and document in PDF format or exporting it to another one.

But still hopefully this guide made your day, if you consider it sharing with your friends and let them about the ways to fix Publisher won’t save as pdf issue in Windows 10.

Frequently Asked Question

Why can’t I save my Publisher as a PDF?

The Office suite might have some compatibility issue or your default printing device is misconfigured try any of the above solutions to resolve this error.

Is Adobe Acrobat better than Microsoft Publisher?

Both have their own pros and cons and both developed by the two big tech giants. If you’re having hard time with Publisher then you can see Adobe Reader as a good alternative to it.

Why Print to PDF option is missing in Publisher?

If you can’t see Print to PDF option while saving file as PDF then you have to enable it from Control Panel, follow Solution #2.

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