Lenovo Ideacentre Stick 300 turns Pc Into A USB Stick

Lenovo Ideacentre Stick 300

Lenovo Ideacentre stick 300, makes computer in shape of a USB stick. Our personal computer is now turns into dongle. Now we need to not worry about taking our heavy laptop bag for small tasks. We just only plug a USB into a TV screen which have a HDMI port. Lenovo Ideacentre stick 300 convert our television into a personal computer. we just a need of a keyboard, mouse and a display. After the Intel Compute stick, Lenovo Ideacentre Stick 300 is come to Challenge the Intel compute sticks with its affordable price. Normally Lenovo Ideacentre  comes with Windows 8.1, but is now Windows 10 ready.So now we are ready to take our computer in our pocket.The Lenovo Ideacentre 300 is design for both home and official purpose.

Lenovo Ideacentre Stick 300

Only 129$ Lenovo Ideacentre stick 300 covert all HDMI enable display into a  windows computer. This stick does not need any other power source it’s just a simple plug and play device. Its have bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. So we just take wireless keyboard and mouse and enjoy our television pc. Lenovo Ideacentre stick 300 have powerful hardware specification to doing any work those we are normally done with  our personal computers. Because it runs with windows 8.1. which we are normally install our computers and laptops. So the Lenovo turns our computing in our palm in form of a USB stick.Lenovo Ideacentre Stick 300

Lenovo Ideacentre stick 300 specification

The Lenovo Ideacentre powered by a Intel Atom CPU, which have very good processing power. Clock speed of the Processor is 1.3 GHz. The number is core is 4. All most the CPU is boost up our all tasks. The amount of RAM is 2GB. Which  Normally available in a smartphone and enough to do mostly task. If we talking about the storage capacity of the Lenovo Ideacentre stick 300 device which is 32Gb internal memory.On the left hand side corner a micro SD card slot is given for increase the amount of storage. And Right side corner a USB, Micro USB and a power button is available. For connectivity bluetooth and Wi-Fi support is available.


lenovo ideacenter2


The price of Lenovo Ideacentre stick is $129. this device is available on stores in last of July. This device is look like to Intel compute stick. It’s mostly specification is like Intel compute stick. But their is a big difference between the price of these device. Because the price of compute stick is $150. So Lenovo Ideacenter is $21 less compare to intel compute stick. Lenovo have very high competition  with its rivals such as Google Chromecast, Microsoft wire less display adapter etc.