Solved: Kernel Security Check Failure in Windows 10

Struggling with Kernel Security Check Failure Stop Code error in Windows 10? here're the easy steps to fix this issue.
Kernel Security Check Failure Stop Code

The concept of kernel security check failure is the inappropriateness of files to work in Windows 10 and other computer software mediums. The integrity check of these files fails to meet the required results and that is why they cause a lot of problems to the people.

This type of failure can cause the computers to fail or hang from time-to-time and may degrade the quality of the computer as well. To solve this kind of problem or failure, it becomes important to either replace or update the computer in the first place and this is not an easy task.

Importance of Resolving the Kernel Security Check Failure

The BSoD and other types of errors also known as the kernel security check error give a lot of trouble to the people and that is why resolving them at the right time becomes very crucial and important. The first and crucial aspect about the importance of resolving the kernel security failure is to make the people’s computer work properly back again.

Another aspect is to protect the internal and private storage of your computer and stop it from getting hacked or misused by anyone due to the occurrence of failures in your computer. This is crucial to make the computers virus-free and that too without wanting to install the anti-virus software back again.

Ways to Resolve

The following list mentions some ways in which people can resolve their kernel security check failures in the first place and that too without costing any extra penny to the people-

Detect the cause of occurrence of this Failure:

Everything happens for a reason and that is why finding the actual cause of any problem is very important. The same goes for the kernel security check failures that may sometimes occur in the Windows 10 in people’s computers.

If people want to resolve this problem in the first place, then they should first detect what the actual reason for the failure is.

There may be various reasons for the security check failures and detecting the actual ones among them will be the initial step to resolve it.

  • Not being able to cope up with the latest technology,
  • Too much storage in the PC,
  • Introduction of unknown software having the presence of the virus in it.

The various reasons for causing these failures can be compatibility failure of the files present in the computer, presence of outdated drivers in the system, etc.

Once people detect the correct reason for the security failure, it can be resolved in a lot of different ways, and that too in the first place.

Uninstall the unwanted data from Windows 10:

The main and most important reason for the failure of kernel security can be due to the unwanted file space filing. This problem can be resolved if people delete the unwanted and unnecessary files from their computers and refresh them instantly.

This may require some time but the result of the same will be very authentic and long-lasting. Also, many tools can make this refreshment easily achievable and active. These tools are available for free and people can avail of them to get instant freedom from unwanted files & folders.

Below steps can be followed to uninstall the unwanted data from the PC:

  • Go to the Start menu of Windows 10.
  • Search for the Application & Details option and select it.
  • A list of applications and stored data sources will be listed on the PC.
  • Choose the files & folders that you do not want to continue working with and uninstall them there themselves.
  • Repeat this process at least twice-a-month.

Therefore, refreshing & deleting the unwanted files & data will be a very active step to get rid of the kernel security failures in the first place.

Make sure to use the third-party repairing tools:

Another important aspect of relieving from the kernel security failure is to use external but authentic third-party tools in the first place. The BSoD error can easily be detected and also resolved with the help of third-party repairing tools such as Restoro.

People need to follow the below steps to make Restoro help in fixing you PC.

  1. The initial step is to download the Restoro application on your PC.
  2. Once the system identifies the issues occurring for the stability of the software & the files that are corrupt, click on the Repair option on the screen.
  3. After all the changes are made, you should restart the PC and get the changes fixed on it.

Restoro is targeted in the latest functioning systems in the first place and this features a lot of different aspects of Windows 10 for sure.

Various repair points are created with the help of this software and for the same reason, this software has resulted to be a very important aspect of kernel security repairing and that too in the first place.

Memory Diagnostic & System File Checker should be considered:

Another way to resolve the problem of security check failure is to use internal applications such as memory diagnostic & system file checker in a much-improvised manner.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 032921_1854_FIXKernelSe1.jpg

Another way to resolve the problem of security check failure is to use internal applications such as memory diagnostic & system file checker in a much-improvised manner. Below are some steps following which you can refresh the memory & files of the PC-

  1. From the settings application, select the Advanced Repair Option menu.
  2. Click on the Troubleshoot option on the screen.
  3. Then click on the Restart button present on the lower right side of the screen.
  4. After booting off the PC is done, click on the upper right corner of the PC.
  5. Type cmd in the Search bar.
  6. Run the administrator by opening the Command Prompt. In this type the text sfc/scannow & click on Enter.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 032921_1854_FIXKernelSe2.jpg
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 032921_1854_FIXKernelSe3.jpg

7. After scanning, exit the prompt & run the administrator under the Windows Memory Diagnostic option on the screen.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 032921_1854_FIXKernelSe4.png

8. Reboot the computer & make a fresh start with the same now.

These applications are present inside the system itself but are hidden in the computer’s memory in the first place. Therefore, these applications should be refreshed or updated and used in an improvised manner so that they can erase the unusual data from the system and also resolve the problem of kernel security check failure in Windows 10 and other computer mediums. That is why these applications should be actively considered to resolve the stress on the computer storage and improve its working for sure.

Activate the Legacy Advanced Boot

The legacy advanced boot is specifically used by people when they have to activate the safest boot mode for their computers. By putting your computer in the legacy advanced boot mode, you will safeguard it from the outside virus attack as well as kernel security failure.

Following are some steps through which you can put your PC on the legacy advanced boot mode.

  • Switch the PC off & insert a compatible drive in it.
  • After switching on the PC, click on the Setup box displayed on the screen.
  • On the next screen, click on the Repair your Computer option.
  • Select the Troubleshoot option from the Advanced options & click on the Command Prompt option next.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 032921_1854_FIXKernelSe5.jpg
  • Type the required command on the screen & click on the enable legacy of advanced boot option.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 032921_1854_FIXKernelSe6.jpg
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 032921_1854_FIXKernelSe7.jpg
  • Close the Command Prompt & continue your work normally.

Also, the internal troubleshooting takes place very rapidly when the computer is in legacy advanced booting mode and for the same reason, the active participation of the same is necessary among the ways of preventing kernel security failure. Therefore, the consideration of the same in Windows 10 will be very beneficial for the people in the first place, and that too undoubtedly.

A thorough check of the Memory Slot

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 032921_1854_FIXKernelSe8.jpg

Checking the working status of your memory slot from time-to-time is very important for the proper working of the computer. If you are running your computer on a weak or incapable memory slot, then the computer will start hanging off very soon, and sometimes, people may lose their crucial or important data from the same as well.

For checking the memory slot, follow the below steps-

  • Close all the running applications and switch off the PC.
  • Remove the memory slot and check the insertion point, attachment, and cleanliness of the slot thoroughly.
  • Insert the memory slot into the PC and restart it.
  • Check for the total internal storage of the same & delete the unwanted files & folders from it (if any).

If the disk gets displaced even an inch, then it results in giving error or security failure to your computer in the first place, and to stop this, the memory slot should be checked regularly for sure.

Regular Scanning of your PC

People should do regular and thorough scanning of their PCs so that they can detect any kind of error or virus present in it. The occurrence of any virus can corrupt the computer and can cause a lot of trouble to the people in the first place.

These regular scanning processes can also facilitate detection & eradication of any kind of system problems such as kernel security failure and many others.

  • By going to the Windows Security option on the Start menu and click on the Scan option.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 032921_1854_FIXKernelSe10.png

Choose the full computer scan option and leave the computer the same till the computer gets scanned fully.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 032921_1854_FIXKernelSe11.png

This process will make your computer fully scanned and will also detect any problem in it for sure.

Detect the Errors in the Disk

Error detection is one of the most crucial aspects of handling or refreshing a PC. By detecting the most dangerous errors at the most appropriate time helps in regulating the system properly and building a good PC system in the background for sure.

This error detection is easily possible with the following steps-

1. Search for the Command Prompt option on your computer and enter the text chkdsk C:/f in it.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 032921_1854_FIXKernelSe12.png

2. This command will detect all the defaults & errors in the systems.

3. Run the computer on the /r parameter to repair all the listed issues.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 032921_1854_FIXKernelSe13.jpg

A disk that contains a lot of errors can break at any time internally and can take off all the data and information consisting in it.

Overclocking the PC may be dangerous

To make a PC work fast, sometimes people make the computer work on overclocking feature. This may feel advantageous for some time but can cause a great amount of harm to the people in the future for sure.

Following are the steps to stop overclocking the PC-

  1. Reverse all the changes that you have done to your PC & bring it back to its original or default settings.
  2. Uninstall all th3 overclocking software applications from the PC.

People should not put their PCs on overclocking measures and should let their PCs work on their normal modes without any doubt.

Run the System Restoring Process

The system restoring process should be done from time-to-time so that the system of the computer works in a proper and non-abrupt way or manner. Below are the steps in which you can run the system restoring process-

  1. Go to the PC Settings option & Select the Security and Update option from the same.
  2. When the Security and Update menu opens, you will see the Recovery option on the panel at the left of the PC.
  3. Click on it and choose the Reset option.
  4. While doing so, make sure that you select the Keep my Files option before clicking on OK.

Also, the system restoring process will always keep the computer up to date and will make it perfect for working for many more years for sure.

Make the Safe Mode of the PC Activated

Every PC has a special safe mode for erasing all the spam and corrupt data from its system and making the system active again. Below are the steps by which people can activate this mode for their PCs:

  1. Click on the Settings & Security and Update option from the Start menu.
  2. Instead of choosing the normal startup, choose the Advanced Startup option.
  3. Choose the Troubleshoot option from the options listed on the Advanced Startup menu.
  4. Open the Startup Settings menu & select the Restart option.
  5. Once the computer starts again, it will show some safe mode options, and you can choose any of them according to your convenience.

Therefore, putting the PC in the safe mode will be very beneficial for the system and processing of the computer and that too undoubtedly.

How to Fix Kernel Security Check Failure

The following are some steps to fix the kernel security check failure in Windows 10 in the first place and give great relief and relaxation to the people for sure-

STEP 1: Restarting the Computer for starting afresh

Before and after the occurrence and resolving of the errors in the computer, the computer needs to be properly restarted. This restart is also done at the initial stage to ensure that the errors occurring in the computer are coming from a particular location and this makes it easy to target the specific position itself.

STEP 2: Start running the CHKDSK & SFC

After restarting the computer, the CHKDSK (check disk) and the SFC (System File Checker) should be run. This processes all the computer data properly and brings out all the information in it.

By running the CHKDSK & SFC, you are receiving the required warnings of unwanted and corrupt files present on the computer and then you can delete them very easily and comfortably.

STEP 3: Fix the remaining errors & Update the Windows 10 Version

After updating and setting up the system properly, the remaining errors need to be fixed properly. After the completion of all this process, the Windows 10 version should be updated and this gives a clear refreshment to people’s computer and that too very easily and comfortably.

Summary: –

There exist a lot of aspects to the kernel security check failure mechanism and the same goes for resolving these aspects. However, resolving them one-by-one is not possible as it is a very time-consuming task. That is why concentrating on the main and most crucial cause and then resolving them becomes important for the people for sure.

Therefore, this error (also called the Blue Screen of Death) can be resolved in a lot of ways and these ways specifically lead to a better quality of computer software experience to the people in the first place and that is why any of them can easily be availed of by the people to make their computers and systems work very perfectly and in a normal aspect without any trouble or concern.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can people know that their Windows 10 driver has got corrupted?

By checking the complete list of the drivers present in your Windows 10, you will easily get to know which driver is faulty or corrupted and needs proper repairing and attention.

How can people find the reasons why their computer has crashed?

The crashing of a driver can be resolved much easier than the computer crashing. To find out about a computer being crashed or not, you should notice all the big and small changes taking place in your computer.

How to ensure the proper working of Windows 10?

The power settings of a computer are the most important aspects and these should be changed from time-to-time so that they do not hang or lose their functionality at any point. By doing this, you will ensure the safe and proper working of your Windows 10 computer.

Why does stop code occur in Windows 10?

The occurrence of any critical or crucial error in the system or Windows 10 leads to the crashing of the system and this also causes the occurrence of stop code in Windows 10 in the first place for sure.

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