The Guide You Need to fix if iPhone Won’t Turn On

iPhone won’t turn on the issue: You, me and others who are a die-hard fan of iPhone have always wondered. The iPhone is a perfect device.


But my friends there is no anything perfect in the world of technology. Imagine you have to take your phone in hand and press unlock button and see your iPhone won’t turn on. It stuck on apple logo. So what you do in this situation?

Try to restart your iPhone. Maybe its work for you but not always and not for everyone.

So what to do??

Don’t worry you are at right place. Hi, guys, my name is Rahul and today I will give you a complete guide to overcoming this headache.

In this guide, I will show you clever method to fix this iPhone turn on an issue completely. So you just have to follow this guide. there is no any rocket science. you fix your phone by your self, believe me. Don’t waste the time lets start the guide to fix my iPhone won’t turn on.

Methods to fix iPhone won’t turn on completely

Put your iPhone on charging for 20 minutes. Some time our phone battery goes drain entirely and that’s why our phone goes into dead state. Because if the phone has a little bit of charge in its battery then it will show a low battery notification. But if the battery goes down completely. In this situation, iPhone not gonna to show you any warning and it seems like a dead iPhone.

So First you have to put your iPhone on charging for 20 to 25 minute and have to wait, while you should a cup of coffee.

why not!

Why I’m telling you to charge your phone up to 20 minutes. Because when your iPhone battery goes down completely it will not gonna to show you charging screen in some minute. It will take some time to wake up.

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If still iPhone charging but won’t turn on then I suggest you to first check your USB cable and charger if you have another iPhone then you can check your charger on your working iPhone. If your charger and cable working properly then you have to use next method given below.

A software issue may prevent your iPhone to turn on :

Yes, software issue is generally happening in iPhones and if above method does not fix your problem then your iPhone may have a software or may have a hardware issue. first, we talk about the software and try to fix iPhone 6 other iPhone models won’t turn on or charge issue. For hardware issue.

I will give a killer tip at the end of the post.

Methods to fix software problem of iPhone:

  1. Restore iPhone Using iTunes via recovery mode.
  2. Hard Reset iPhone via DFU mode.

Fix iPhone won’t turn on issues by Restore:

1#: Restore iPhone using iTunes

You fix your phone software by restoring it. To do this you can use iTunes on your computer. This method of restore is known as soft reset. Generally, this way fixes most of iPhone problem related to the software damage. So let’s do it.

  1. First, open iTunes on your computer.
  2. Plug your Data cable into the computer USB port wait do not connect it to the iPhone.
  3. Know press and hold Home Key and at the same time plug your cable another end to iPhone. When
  4. iTunes give a notification then release the home button.
  5. Make a full back of your iPhone.
  6. Know navigate your cursor to Restore button on iTunes and click on it.
  7. Wait for iTunes to complete its task.

I Hope it will help you, But if you still having iPhone won’t turn on past the apple logo problem then don’t worry, Please reading continue. We have many things to do to fix your iPhone. Let’s take another way to Restore.

2#: Fix if my iPhone won’t turn on using DFU Mode

This is another way for restoring your phone and the major difference between recovery and DFU mode is, when we are performing restore via recovery mode then we only change some file or setting to its original state. But in DFU mode we change complete OS of the phone and it’s all wipe data and setting. So that’s the Reson it known as Hard Reset. Let’s do it.

  1. Connect your iPhone via computer using cable.
  2. After that press and hold the power button and home button at same up to 8 Seconds.
  3. Release power button right after 8 seconds and keep holding the home button.
  4. When you get notification from iTunes then Release home button.
  5. Now click on restore button on iTunes and wait for to complete its work.

This will surely fix your iPhone won’t turn on the problem. Because in many cases such as installing a new app or due malware attack phone’s OS get damaged. So when we reset our iPhone all software related problems were fix if iPhone 5s won’t turn on.

If you still facing the same problem, Then you have to check your phones’ hardware. Because your phone may have a hardware problem which prevents you from turning on your phone.

See the Video tutorial for more help

Hardware problem which prevents you from turning on your phone.

Things we have to check and identify the problem:

  1. The display is working or not?
  2. Any physical damage to iPhone (charging port)
  3. Any water or liquid damage.

1#: Your iPhone Display screen may not be working

If your phone display still nothing showing on it and iTunes on your pc showed a notification when you connect it to the computer. Then it’s may happen due to damaged display. In this case first, you have to take a full back up of your iPhone.

When Itunes completely take backup of iPhone then it’s a sign which shows that your iPhone working but your phone’s display having some issue or fully damaged.

If your iPhone is in under warranty then you can go to apple store and if not then can go to your nearest phone repair shop and if you are a little bit technical person. Then you can buy complete iPhone display folder and take a youtube guide fix it yourself. It can save your money.

2#: find physical damage on iPhone (USB port)
Have you ever dropped your iPhone or Many people plug the USB cable into the iPhone in an insignificant way, causing the phone’s “USB port” to stop working, it gets damaged.

So you have to check your iPhone completely and find the physical damage and if you find your iPhone’s USB port looks damaged then it may reason which not passing the electric charge to the battery and result in your iPhone won’t turn on. So, in this case, you take a phone repair and can go to the apple store or do it by your self by taking youtube guide.

3#: identify water or liquid damage on iPhone
if dropped some liquid on your iPhone or dropped iPhone in the liquid than one-year warranty service goes broken.

I know a question running in your mind.

how you identify liquid damage on you iPhone.

Don’t worry I know a hidden feature of iPhone which tells us liquid damages on iPhone. Basically, all Apple’s device has an inbuilt Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI). Which shows us any water contact with our phone.

Normally LCI indicator color is white or silver, and when iPhone contact with water LCI indicator color got changed with Dark red. So when you see LCI indicator colored red then it’s a sign that your phone having a water damaged.

SO here you can find LCI indicator on your iPhone.

I hope this guide has been fixing your problem. You just have to follow all step as above mentioned and you will surely get rid of iPhone won’t turn on the issue. So all the steps and methods are well explained. If some of the lovely users still facing this problem or any other. Then fill free to contact me. You can ask me your queries regarding this guide and on other technical problem by commenting in the comment box. So please share this post on social network facebook twitter and Google Plus. Thanks to visiting Techbian and keep visiting to get more helpful and interesting article on iPhone, Android, Windows, and Linux.