How To Install Remix OS Alongside Ubuntu On PC HDD

dualboot remix os

Remix OS is an Android Lollipop based operating system designed for Linux for PC and Laptop(UEFI & Legacy). Jide designed the Remix OS with Android-x86 for providing the better android UI on PC and Laptops with all supported android apps and games. Remix OS has lots of feature like Windows 10 such as multitasking, start menu, Desktop shortcuts and much more. You can read the full review of Remix OS for PC with features and installation guide. We already write a guide on to install Remix OS alongside Windows 10 means dualboot Remix OS Beta and Windows 10 on Windows PC. But still Remix OS has no any Google Play service so this is the main problem for Remix OS users, therefore, we already shared a guide on how to install Google Play Store and Services on Remix OS. But today we’re going to share a dualboot guide or boot manager guide to install Remix OS alongside any version Ubuntu OS on PC HDD. Let’s start to use the dual operating system on one PC with dualboot manager or menu of Remix OS and Ubuntu.

Things You Need To Dualboot Remix OS and Ubuntu

  • A pre-installed Ubuntu PC or Laptop
  • Remix OS iso file (UEFI or Legacy mode)

Let’s start to install Remix OS alongside Ubuntu.

  1. First of all, you need to install Ubuntu on your PC.
  2. Now, this is the main part: create a folder named RemixOS in / directory of your Ubuntu installed partition.
  3. Now extract the Remix OS iso file and copy the following files:
  4. Now paste the above files into your /RemixOS directory
  5. Now open the RemixOS folder which you created in 2nd step and under RemixOS folder, make a folder called data.
  6. Now run the terminal in Ubuntu and paste the following bellow command.

    gksudo gedit /etc/grub.d/40_custom

  7. Now it will prompt to enter the password, then just enter your root password, now you’ll get a popup window including some commands. Now just add the below code at the end of the command.

    menuentry ‘Remix OS’ –class android-x86 { insmod part_gpt search –file –no-floppy –set=root /RemixOS/system.img linux /RemixOS/kernel root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.hardware=RemixOS_x86_64 androidboot.selinux=permissive CMDLINE initrd /RemixOS/initrd.img}

  8. Now finalize the GRUB configuration, just paste the following below code in terminal

    sudo update-grub

    Now it will again prompt for the password, now again enter your root password, then you have installed Remix OS on your Ubuntu . Once you restart your PC, then after booting logo, you’ll see a menu from where you can boot on of the Remix OS or Ubuntu, this will not cause your PC ‘s hardware so relax and enjoy the both OS with boot manager.


Hope you like this tutorial and you successfully dualboot Remix OS and Ubuntu on your PC/Laptop if you’ve any problem then feel free to ask your question and share this post on Facebook.

9 thoughts on “How To Install Remix OS Alongside Ubuntu On PC HDD”

      1. Why? Even we know that eOs is descendent of ubuntu. Please tell me how could it work for eOs freya. Thanks man.

  1. Thank you!
    I was able to make it work using this meny entry:

    menuentry ‘Remix OS ‘ –class android-x86 {
    search –file –no-floppy –set=root /RemixOS/kernel
    linux /RemixOS/kernel root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.hardware=remix_x86_64
    initrd /RemixOS/initrd.img

    now i’m trying to figure out how to install system apps, can you help me?

  2. I have installed remix os along with ubuntu. I install it successfully but when i shutdown remix os and i start my laptop again none of both is booting. I stuck on boot. Kindly anyone tell me now how can i boot ubuntu???

  3. After i shutdown remix os and start computer again it is stuk on boot.. No os is booting now.. It is saying that reboot and select proper boot device. Can anytell me what i do???

  4. Thank you for the great tutorial!

    Here is what helped me for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Remix_OS_for_PC_Android_M_64bit_B2016112101 dual boot on Sony Vaio

    STEP1: Use kernel and images from extracted “.iso” file and install it to “/remixos” folder on ext4 ubuntu system partition

    [email protected]:/remixos$ ls -la
    -rw-r–r– 1 root root 5189544 Jan 14 12:37 initrd.img
    -rw-r–r– 1 root root 33 Jan 14 14:37 isolinux.sys
    -rw-r–r– 1 root root 5310416 Jan 14 12:50 kernel
    -rw-r–r– 1 root root 1416347 Jan 14 12:50 ramdisk.img
    -rw-r–r– 1 root root 2684354560 Jan 14 12:51 system.img (extracted with “unsqashfs system.sfs”)
    drwxrwx–x 27 veronika veronika 4096 Jan 14 18:47 data
    drwxrwxr-x 3 veronika veronika 4096 Jan 13 23:57 Remix_OS_for_PC_Android_M_64bit_B2016112101
    [email protected]:/remixos$

    STEP2: Create “/remixos/data” folder where all data will be stored

    STEP3: Create custom grub configuration “sudo gedit /etc/grub.d/40_custom”

    exec tail -n +3 $0
    # This file provides an easy way to add custom menu entries. Simply type the
    # menu entries you want to add after this comment. Be careful not to change
    # the ‘exec tail’ line above.

    menuentry ‘Remix OS – GuestMode’ –class remixos –class android-x86 –class gnu-linux –class os {
    insmod part_gpt
    insmod ext2
    echo “Searching remixos drive by file”
    search –file –no-floppy –set=root /remixos/system.img
    echo “Loading kernel”
    linux /remixos/kernel root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.selinux=permissive logo.showlogo=1 SERIAL=random SRC=/remixos REMOUNT_RW=0 DATA= DATA_IN_MEM=1
    echo “Loading ramdisk”
    initrd /remixos/initrd.img

    menuentry ‘Remix OS – ResidentMode’ –class remixos –class android-x86 –class gnu-linux –class os {
    insmod part_gpt
    insmod ext2
    echo “Searching remixos drive by file”
    search –file –no-floppy –set=root /remixos/system.img
    echo “Loading kernel”
    linux /remixos/kernel quiet root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.selinux=permissive quiet logo.showlogo=1 SERIAL=random SRC=/remixos DATA=
    echo “Loading ramdisk”
    initrd /remixos/initrd.img

    STEP4: Update the grub configuration with “sudo update-grub”

    Done. Just reboot and try your configuration.

    Somehow the configuration “androidboot.hardware=RemixOS_x86_64” did not work on my system.

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