HTC Boost+ Android App – Boost Your Phone’s Performance

htc boost+ app

Recently HTC has released an android application called Boost+ which automatically increase your phone’s performance with the battery life this is actually empty your phone’s temporary file, caches and removing the unused or unnecessarily apps from the RAM or memory of your android smartphone. HTC has released this app for all android devices which are meets requirements to this app, this app also helps you to delete temp file and make storage space and it optimize your phone’s CPU to work properly and faster and it optimizes your phone’s battery life, this app has force stopped some background applications which are not using at that moment. This app supports all android devices which are running on Android Lollipop and Android Marshmallow version. But this app has an issue when you’ll using Boost+ on on-HTC devices because for a non-HTC device the only beta version of Boost+ is available, It declutter your Android Smartphone, so install it now and use it from today.


Features of HTC Boost+ App

  1. Smart Boost: This is best and main feature of this app, it automatically clean the memory of your phone to speed up your phone’s performance and save the battery life.
  2. Manage Apps:  This is just like the app manager in this section you see the list of all android apps which are currently installed on your phone, you can uninstall them or make them defaults.
  3. Clear Junk: This feature helps you to regain the storage spaces it can delete the cache files, junk files, temporary files, installers and advertising clutter.
  4. Lock App: The Boost+ apps offer you an app lock on your smartphone, it contains two unlock option first is pattern lock and the second is fingerprint unlock option.
  5. Game Battery Boost: This feature especially for the gamer who playing the games and using the lots of battery power so this feature will help  to consume some power of battery while you are playing games, this is applicable for HTC device.

You can download the latest version of Boost+ from Google Play Store