How to Quote Someone on Discord

The only guide you need to quote someone on discord.
quote someone on discord

Discord is the free Application for chat which is mostly used by games across the world. But most of the users don’t know how to quote someone on discord, or you can say that discord lack the ability which helps the users to quote someone on discord. Discord has millions of players around the world since its launch and gamers use the discord to play their favorite games.

We all know that discord is an application made for gamers to chat with each other during the game, so we must understand that discord was never meant to be used as a work or business application. And because the application is gamer-focused it offers all sorts of formatting features and because of these users enjoy using discord. And the most requested feature on discord is how to quote someone.

It’s understandable why users need to quote, it’s very easy and convenient to quote someone which makes it very easy to reply to someone what he said and also helps you to highlight some important message during the conversation. But, for a long time discord users were out of luck when it came to quoting someone on discord, so they have some option to use quoting on discord like using code block or using some complex chatbots.

So, if you were getting frustrated like me, using these complex processes to have the option to quote other’s message on discord, like we use the quote in other chat applications. After using some different methods the below are some closest methods to achieves the ability to quote other messages on discord.

How to Quote Someone On Discord

1. Using the Block Quotes

Recently Discord had launched a new markdown chat formatting called Block Quotes. And it is a very effective feature, it works the same as you are using the quote on Discord. So, follow the steps below to know how to quote someone on discord

Single Line Quotes

Single line quoting very easy, Single line quoting is used when you want to quote someone that only takes up only one line of text. This means it can only use for text messages which are single-lined and not work for multiple lined text message.

  • To use single line quote add > followed by space at the beginning of a message which you want to quote, and it creates a single line blockquote. If you want to quote what someone has posted, you will need to copy-paste their same message as the original message but you just need to add > before you start the line. Then below it add your reply,

Multi-line Quotes

We use Multi-line quotes when we need to write a long sentence or a paragraph and it breaks the line. Multi-line Quoting is mostly the same as the single line but the difference is you can do this by writing “>” in front of every new paragraph you want to quote, although it can obviously get annoying after a while.

  • To use multi-line quote add >>> followed by space at the beginning of a message which you want to quote and write your message and you can add your answer after the quote sentence. Like the example message, you saw in the image, you can add your message after that.

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2. Use Code Block To Quote Someone On Discord

Before Block Quote Added to the Discord most of the users had to resort to using the code block. While Block Quote offers a dedicated quote system in Discord, but in a code block, we can use the code block feature to achieve a very similar effect. This method still works in the present time and it offers users an alternative to uses against Block Quote which should you want to try out. Creating a code block is very simple as you only need to wrap your text in a single backtick (`) or three backticks (“`),

  • By a simple (`) backtick at the beginning of a sentence and the ending of a sentence can easily make a single line into a code block. You can take the given image as an example, in the image sentence is started and ended with (`).
  • By the use of (“`), a triple backtick at the beginning of a sentence and the end of a sentence can easily make multiple lines to be into a code block. Here also you can take the given image as an example, the sentence is started and ended with (“`).

Now guys it’s your decision whether you want to use this method or go for the Block Quotes. In my opinion, both the method are good in their own way and helps the user to quote, so you can decide yourself which one you want to use by trying it and see which is most comfortable for you.

3. Using A Quote Bot

In this method we take the help of GitHub, there is a multiple GitHub project that helps you and provides complete quote functionality suits for Discord. So; you just have to download the GitHub project on your computer.

First, you will need to have some information about how to download a GitHub.Here are the two projects which we found:

  • nirewen/Citador – Quote messages on Discord with a simple click.
  • Deivedux/Quote – Feature-rich, easy to use message quoting tool that you’ll ever need.

You don’t have to use both the bots to quote, but you just try both of them and then decide which one you want to use and which you feel is best for you to use. But, both of them are best and help you to quote on discord. Citador is a simple and straightforward tool that helps you to quote by implementing a simple button for it. But, if you want to use citador you have to use the BetterDiscod, which is a separate custom client. And that custom clients can be against Discord’s TOS, so be careful when using it.

While Quote is more feature-rich and provides more accessibility compare to others. So, it’s up to you which one you choose and you can follow the documentation provided on the Github page for more information about the project and how to deploy the project.


I hope this article helps you to understand how to quote someone on discord and you can understand all the methods. Discord has so many features and you can customize themes and alter the aspect of the platform. So, if you want to know more about discord and its features feel free to ask in the comment section, we will help you as soon as possible. Also if you have any suggestions regarding this subject, drop us a comment.

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