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Through this post today, I am going to share you guys how to jailbreak firestick to get access to various multimedia content free of cost.

I think most of you are aware of Amazon firestick. Amazon firestick is a unique product of Amazon. It has changed the way we watch TV. We can access various multimedia content by using Amazon firestick such as Amazon prime videos, Youtube, Hotstar, Netflix, Gaana, TED, ditto, Voot etc, but you might have also heard that nothing comes free of cost. To enjoy all these benefits you need to bear the cost and bearing cost is not an easy task for everyone.

But do you know?

You can enjoy all these benefits free of cost by following a very simple trick i.e Jailbreak Firestick. This is also known as unlocking that means you can unlock amazon firestick to get access to various free streaming a

Let’s understand how to Jailbreak firestick.

For security, reason company installs a software in their firestick device and in other relevant products. The name of the software is DRM(digital right management). jailbreaking is just a process to unlock the firestick device by hacking it and diverting the DRM instructions so that you can run unauthorized software on the device.

Do you know Jailbreak Firestick illegal or legal?

Most of the people who have Firestick devices want to access many streaming apps but they stop due to cost involved in it, and they don’t know how to jailbreak firestick so that Jailbreak firestick will let you enjoy various streaming apps that you were not able to access before jailbreaking. But most of the people afraid that jailbroken firestick legal or not?

The answer is yes it is completely legal because it is your have a complete right over it. By installing Kodi with its add-ons on your amazon firestick device or other firestick devices you can have access of vast multimedia content, channels and stream apps like Voot Netflix etc. which may not be available for free before jailbreaking so here you should keep one thing into your mind that does not access copyright content.

Follow the required policy of every content you are using. The Law prevailing in your country or region may not permit to access copyright content and may block your ISP for not following the law. So here I am going to share how to jailbreak firestick device to enjoy all the multimedia content free of cost.

Installation of VPN to jailbreak Firestick safely

To get rid of the above problem you can install VPN on your firestick devices before starting the process of jailbreaking on your firestick devices. Although Jailbreak firestick is not illegal. It is not completely legal as well so if you use VPNs then be responsible for the content you access through it.

As I have already told you, access of copyrighted content without using VPNs may cause an issue from your internet service provider and the prevailing government in your country because it is against the law to use copyrighted content.VPN stands for virtual private network. Using VPN before jailbreaking process will help you to make your identity unrecognized i.e no one will recognize what is your real identity.

VPN provides a private path between your firestick device and the internet service provider so that your activities could be hidden. There are various types of VPNs for your firestick devices so choose the best one. Here I m going to share a complete list of VPN which will guide you how to jailbreak firestick by choosing best VPN.

1.Express VPN

  1. Express VPN is considered as one of the best VPN because it provides speedy secure and fastest access to data, streaming of apps and channels etc.
  2. Its very simple to use as anyone can use it with ease or you can say installation of VPN is very easy on your firestick devices as it can be used with Kodi.
  3. The Express VPN consists of several servers in different countries around the world.
  4. It gives the vast area content access. You can use Express VPN from anywhere in the world.

So I will suggest you while choosing VPN for jailbreaking Express VPN should be the first choice as it has many advantages.


  1. Cyberghost provides the most trusted VPN to jailbreak firestick devices.
  2. Secure and faster access to content.
  3. It offers access to restricted websites all over the world.
  4. Provides safe online transactions as no one can check your activities, your browsing history even you will be connected to public Wifi.
  5.  Cyberghost keeps our device away from destructive websites by scanning the URL of that particular website.
  6.  Cyberghost provides 256-AES Bit technology encryption so that no one can use your data for other purposes.
  7. It protects our all devices and consists of German-made software which is available for Windows, Androids platforms, Mac, iOS etc.
  8. It provides stability.

3.IP vanish

  1. IP Vanish provides top-tier VPN service all over the world.
  2. Gives the best VPN speed and secure access.
  3. The IP Vanish provides the competitive advantage in terms of cost.
  4. IP vanish has several servers in different countries of the world.
  5. It protects your data from unauthorized access and keeps your device away from malicious content or websites
  6. It is very easy to install on your firestick devices.
  7. No one can check your private online activities because IP vanish replace your IP address by its own address and no one can see your location as well.
  8. Keeps your cost low.


  1. The NordVPN provides VPN services at low cost.
  2. It provides secure access.
  3. It offers more protection by using AES 256-bit encryption and open VPN tunneling protocol.
  4. NordVPN hides your IP address which further helps you to keep your identity unrecognized.
  5. Have a kill switches by which you can choose various actions such as closing an app or can disconnect internet connection etc.
  6. NordVPN has 3000+ servers in 60+ countries.
  7. NordVPN can access 6 connections simultaneously.
  8.  Great for work on sites like Netflix and torrent.
  9.  Restricts the unauthorized access by using DNS leak protection.
  10. It also provides a live chat facility for customer support which assists you if you will have any question or doubt.

5. Buffered VPN

  1. Buffered VPN is the Most convenient VPN as it is very compatible and you can use it with any device. It lessens the workload on the window, Android, Mac, Linux, and routers etc.
  2. It always ensures high-speed internet connection and comes on top in all VPN in case of internet connection.
  3. Buffered VPN  will give you the access to various online content with no limit.
  4. Protects the data from unauthorized access and uses best security protocols to secure your data.
  5. It has various servers in different countries.
  6.  You can easily use it with ease with Amazon fire stick jailbreak.

How to jailbreak firestick step by step guide

The process of jailbreaking is not a complicated task anyone can perform it if he is having some technical knowledge. You don’t need to pay someone for jailbreaking of your firestick because you can do it by yourself. To jailbreak the Firestick you need to do some changes in your firestick which will not damage your firestick. Here I am going to suggest you step by step guide on how to jailbreak firestick safely.

Step 1: Setup Amazon Firestick

The very first step of the jailbreaking process require some changes in the setting of your firestick device. Firestick jailbreak process requires only two things that are your firestick device in which you want to run the jailbreaking process and a good internet connection. You can jailbreak firestick without a computer. Now how to do it?

Here we have the very simple steps to jailbreak firestick-:

  1. Go to the setting option on the top of the homepage.
  2.  By scrolling down the select device option.
  3.  Now you need to select developer option in the list.
  4.  Coming down in the list you will see ADB debugging option, enable that.
  5.  Enable the next option Apps from unknown sources.
  6.  A warning notification will appear on the screen, click on accept

Step 2: Installation of Downloader App in  Amazon firestick

In this step, you need to install the Downloader App on your firestick device as it plays a very important role in the jailbreaking process and it is very easy to use App. You Don’t need to pay any cost for this app as it is completely free. Now How to install this app?

  1. First, you need to look for the downloader option by using the search box on the home screen.
  2. Notification for Downloader App will appear on the screen, click on download to install this App on your firestick device.
  3. It will take very less time to download.

Step 3: Installation of Kodi

It is very important to know about Kodi before knowing how to jailbreak firestick. Kodi is the most important software to install for the process of jailbreaking. Kodi Will help you to get access to vast multimedia content, channels and stream apps like Voot, Netflix etc. We have various ways to install Kodi on our device but in this method, we will use the Downloader APP. Now how to do it?

  1. Open Downloader App.
  2. Type URL to download Kodi on your Downloader App.
  3. Now install Kodi on your amazon firestick.
  4. Now go for the installation menu.
  5. once you will be inside Kodi, open its setting and click on the file manager.
  6. Click on Add Source option. now you will see a browse option on the screen, click on that option
  7. Now type on the box and add the Link. Now click OK and close small window.
  8. After successful installation of Kodi jailbreaking process will be completed

Notes: Keep this thing into your mind that Kodi will give you the access to even pirated content which may not be allowed by your government. Use it carefully.

Step 4: Installation of Add-ons on KODI

After completing the process of jailbreaking your firestick device now you need to install Add-ons on Kodi. Add-ons will help you to get access to various multimedia content free of cost on your firestick device. To install Add-ons successfully follow this steps:

  1. Visit the main menu on Kodi, click on Add-ons option.
  2.  Make the Add-ons, then click on the box appear on the top of the screen.
  3.  Choose the option install from zip file and click it.
  4.  Notification will appear on the screen choose option setting and turn on unknown sources.
  5.  Now come back to install from Zip file again, click it and then select repo option and press OK.
  6.  click option and press OK.
  7. Come to program Add-ons option, notification for the plugin will appear on the screen.
  8.  click that plugin, come down to settings option.
  9.  Now write down code in the box which you will get from
  10.  Now come back after adding code and open Install update option
  11.  Choose an option from the list appears on the screen such as Boom Shakalak KODI 17 or Boom Shakalak XXXKODI 17. You can go for Boom Shakalak XXXKODI 17 if you want to have adult content on your firestick device.
  12.  Click yes after choosing an option.
  13.  Select the installation type, Either Full or Overwrite option.
  14.  Use a fast internet connection to install it faster.
  15.  The last thing you need to do is follow these steps, first go to homepage then settings click on applications choose to manage Installed application then search for Kodi click it, click the option force stop and finally start the application.
  16.  By using force stop You can remove all the previous data on Kodi and can relaunch the process of jailbreaking on your firestick device.


You can see the video to Jailbreak amazon firestick.



Most of the people don’t have knowledge of how to jailbreak firestick to enjoy various multimedia content free of cost. The process of jailbreaking is not at all complicated. Anyone can do it with little technical knowledge. Some people consider that it is illegal to do jailbreak but it is absolutely legal so you don’t need to worry about jailbreaking your firestick device. Do not access copyrighted content on your firestick device because it may be banned in your country. Use of VPN will save your data from hackers.

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