How To Install Whatsapp On Pc Without Using Bluestack Untapped trick 2016

Install WhatsApp In Pc Without Using Bluestack

Whatsapp is a widely is used a smartphone app for android, iOS and windows as well. The major reason behind the unbelievable popularity of WhatsApp is its simple design, lovely WhatsApp background and it is very easy to use as well as its works fine at 2G network. Overall today WhatsApp is the best app for social communication. Some people want to install WhatsApp on PC, some of them want to install WhatsApp on PC, desktop. They always tried to download WhatsApp for PC and wants to install WhatsApp on PC. but they have failed. The reason behind is that WhatsApp free downloadable but not for all platform it is only available for mobile platform only. There are lots of WhatsApp trick is applied by peoples to install WhatsApp on PC, laptop but all those are taking time and too much memory consuming.

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Install WhatsApp In Pc Without Using Bluestack

Some features of WhatsApp we should know:

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There are lots of feature for choosing WhatsApp. It’s very simple, very lite app and also, it is very secure Because its use our phone number as our login id. Only people communicate with us those have our that connect number which we use in WhatsApp as the login credential.

  • we easily send the text message, and other multimedia formats such as photos, audio and video.
  • WhatsApp available for all platform such as windows, android, iOS and Symbian as well.
  • we easily make a group of our friends that means WhatsApp support group chat.
  • We can call or messages worldwide.

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So how to download WhatsApp for PC and how to install WhatsApp on PC:

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Previously we have two methods to install WhatsApp on PC.

  1. Install WhatsApp on PC using Bluestack.
  2. Install WhatsApp using WhatsApp web.

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Playstore in Remix OS

New method to install WhatsApp on PC using Remix OS (WhatsApp tricks 2016):

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Today we are going to share an untapped trick to install WhatsApp on PC. By using this trick we can install WhatsApp in PC as well as easily run all other application of android in PC.


Yes, guys, you are listening right we can run all android app in PC. We are able to convert our whole PC into an android smartphone. By using this trick we play the android game in PC, we can run heavy or large android app on PC as well.

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Install WhatsApp On Pc Without Using Bluestack

Steps to run WhatsApp in PC using Remix OS:

  1. Install Remix OS on Pc:  See complete steps by steps guide to install Remix OS on PC.
  2. Install Play Store On Remix OS:  See step by step guide to install Play Store on Remix OS.
  3. Install Whatsapp from Play Store as simple as any android smartphone.
  4. Enjoy now your computer is not just a windows PC. Now it is converted into a powerful Android Smartphone.

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This Guide is working on all computers. Our team Write this guide in all possible  easiest steps. If Anyone can face any problem during any the installation of Remix Os OS or WhatsApp please comment in comment box we resolve your all problem regarding this guide as soon as possible.