How To Get Google Assistant For Windows PC

Google Assistant

You are familiar with saying ok Google to your Smartphone but have you ever try to your computer. I know that Google does not officially provide Google Assistant for PC, as it is only available on mobile and other google smart devices. But you can always find an indirect way to enable google assistant for pc. If you read this article you can able to get access to google assistant on windows 10.

How to install Google Assistant For PC

So before you start to install google assistant on windows pc, you need to know some necessary things.

  • You need to install Python 3 on your computer before we begin the process to install google assistant on windows 10.
  • You have to use the command prompt on your Windows computer.

Install Python On the Windows 10

1.First, you need to download Python 3.9.1 on your computer.

Get Google Assistant For PC

2.After downloading the file from the website, Just run the file with the extension of .exe and run the setup.

3.Checkmark on Add Python 3.9 to PATH, then click on Customize installation.

Get Google Assistant For PC

4.Now Check all the options shown in the new window and click next.

5.On the next screen, Checkmark option Add Python to environment variables. And click on the Install button.

6.Just wait for a few minutes to complete the installation and restart the computer after completion. After the computer restart, we can begin the process of installing google assistant for pc.

7.You can also check if Python installs on your computer or not. Open the command prompt by pressing Windows Key+X and select Command Prompt(Admin).

8.Now type “py” on Command prompt and it shows the current version of python.

Get Google Assistant For PC

Configure Google Assistant API

This is the necessary step that enables the google assistant for pc.

1. Open File Explorer and navigate to the Windows directory DiskC: and create a new folder with the name GoogleAssistant without using the Space.

2. Now open Google Cloud Platform on the new window of the web browser. (You need a google account to log in)

3. Now go to the Create Project and select the option.

4. On the new page enter GoogleAssistant your Project name and select the create option. And write down the Project ID for future reference(it helps you to use Google assistant).

Get Google Assistant For PC

5. Now you have to wait till your project is created, you see a spinning circle on the bell icon on the right side.

6. Once the project is created click on the bell icon on the top right side and select your project.

7. From the project page, go to the left-hand menu, click on the APIs & Services option, then select the Library option.

Get Google Assistant For PC

8. From the Libary page search for Google Assistant in the search bar. And Click on the Google Assistant API.

Get Google Assistant For PC

9. Now from Google Assistant API, select the ENABLE option on the web page and allow Google Assitant API for your Project.

10. Now select Create Credentials on the Google Assistant API.

11. Go to the left-hand menu select Credentials and then click on Create credentials.

Get Google Assistant For PC

12. After you click on the Create Credentials it asks you a few questions about whats kind of credentials you need, select the following option given:

1.Which API are you using? choose Google Assistant API

2. Where will you be calling the API from? choose Other UI(e.g. Windows, CLI tool).

3.What data will you be accessing? choose User data. Select What credentials do I need? When you finish all options.

Get Google Assistant For PC

13. Now select Set up consent screen.

Get Google Assistant For PC

14. On the Consent screen, Change the User Type to Internal, give GoogleAssiatant in the Application name field and now just scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Save.

Get Google Assistant For PC

15. On select Create credentials, then select Help me choose. On the next page choose the same option as we did in the 12th step.

16. Type Assistant in the Name box under the Create an OAuth 2.0 client ID and then click on the Create OAuth client ID.

17. Select Done after completing all the steps.

18. Now click on the download button located on the left-hand side of the credentials you just creat a minute ago. It displays an undertext Download JSON when you hover over the option.

Get Google Assistant For PC

19. Now download the JSON file and save the file in the Google Assistant folder you create previously in step 1.

20.Now go to the start menu and open the command and enter the following commands:

py -m pip install google-assistant-sdk[samples]

Get Google Assistant For PC

21. Wait a few seconds for the completion of the installation, then enter:

py -m pip install –upgrade google-auth-oauthlib[tool

21. Once again open File Explorer and go to the Google assistant folder and right-click on the JSON file(we earlier save it on the folder), select Properties.

22. On the general section of properties click in the file name field and Copy the file name by pressing Ctrl+C.

23. Now come back to the command prompt window and type:

google-oauthlib-tool –client-secrets C:\GoogleAssistant\

and after pasting the last step. Press the space bar, and the type:

–scope –save –headless

Now finally press the Enter.

24. Now you see a URL displayed on the Prompt and see a message Enter the authorization code. Simply highlight the URL and copy the URL.

Get Google Assistant For PC

25. Open the copied URL into the new browser tab. Now it asks for a google account. Select the same google account you used earlier to create credentials.

26. WingoogleAssistant asks to access your google account, select Allow to give the application access to your google account.

27. After the above step you see a string of numbers and letters on the browser. Copy the string by clicking on the box.

28. Go back to the command prompt window and paste the authorization code into the command prompt and press Enter. After pressing the enter you see a credential save the message on your command prompt screen.

29. To test that everything is working fine, enter the given command into prompt, your computer should record 5 seconds of audio and playback it to you.

py -m googlesamples.assistant.grpc.audio_helpers

30. Now you need the Project-ID that you wort down the step 4( the unique code you get when you created your Cloud Platform Project) and type this given command in the command prompt and press enter

cd C:\GoogleAssistant

next type:

googlesamples-assistant-devicetool –project-id

Now press the spacebar and type your Project-ID and press the Spacebar again and type:

register-model –manufacturer “Assistant SDK developer” –product-name “Assistant SDK light” –type LIGHT –model “GA4W”

Now press the Enter.

26. Now to initiate the Google Assistant with push to talk capabilities, you need to type a command line by a space and your Project-ID.

py -m googlesamples.assistant.grpc.pushtotalk –device-model-id “GA4W” –project-id

Now Successfully installed the Google Assistant on pc, you can ask the Google Assistant questions on your computer if you press Enter, you don’t have to say “Ok, Google” Phrase. Just simply press Enter while the program is active. And this Google Assistant you installed on pc doesn’t have all the features and capability as the Google assistant we use on our Smartphone. But this is only google assistant for pc we can install right now. You can ask your Google assistant any questions and it can answer you if you’re connected to the internet.

How to Install Google Assistant On Chromebook

You can also install the Google Assistant on your Chromebook and Chrome OS Devices. And it is easy to install google assistant on Chromebook compare to the computer, and it is also less complicated than it.

Now just follow these step

1. Open Setting on your Chromebook.

Get Google Assistant For PC

2. Now find the Search and Assistant option and select Google Assistant Option in ti.

3. In Google Assistant you see a Slider and make sure that the slider is set to ON.

4. Enable the Ok Google setting on the second option to allow the system to listen and active by the voice command or respond to the voice command.

Get Google Assistant For PC

With these few steps, you can easily install google assistant on your Chromebook without any problem.


Now you successfully installed the Google Assistant on pc and you can ask any questions to it. And if you are still not happy with google assistant you can simply buy a Google Home device and use it with your computer. And if you can follow each step carefully you can easily get Google Assistant for pc. You can install the google assistant app on your Smartphone to experience more features of Google assistant.

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