How to Extend Laptop Battery Life And Performance

How to extend laptop battery life

The computer is our basic need to stand in this innovative world. Mostly people used Laptop in their office Company for different needs. We do not depend on our desktop computer because they are big in size and not provides that much portability which is provided by the laptop. So that’s the reason most peoples like a laptop to their work. But there is a big problem with a laptop which the laptop Battery life. Many time laptop shutdown due to low power when we doing some important work. So today we come with some useful and important tips and trick to extend laptop battery life. See complete guide how to increase laptop battery life and performance.

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Tips And Tricks To Enhance The Laptop Battery Life:

How to extend laptop battery life

Turn Off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi:

Turn off your laptop Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity option if they are not in use. If the device is on whether its is not in use take takes energy, Because this device always searches the device to connect them. So if we turn off unnecessary connectivity option on our laptop we save our laptop battery life as well as battery backup too.

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How to extend laptop battery life

Decrease Laptop Display Brightness:

A laptop screen Brightness is a major factor by which laptop battery goes down faster. By Decreasing laptop display brightness we increase the laptop battery life, its battery backup and save our eyes against harmful display light. Many of peoples spent many hours on their laptop they didn’t care their eye. So why we heart our eyes. By decrease laptop brightness we save power as well as our eyes.

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How to extend laptop battery life

Eject unnecessary CD/DVD From Optical Disk Drive:

Basically, an optical disk drive have rotating machines works to read the disk. Disk drive machines always rotate the disk where it is in use or not in use. So there is no doubt the optical drive always consuming battery power. So by ejecting disk drive when they are not in use we increase our laptop battery life.

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How to extend laptop battery life

Disconnect Unnecessary Devices from USB ports:

We all have to ensure that there is no any unnecessary peripheral device is connected to the USB port. Always eject USB devices from USB ports, if they are not in use. Because if any device is connected to the USB port they always take battery power whether these are not in use. Due to this, we extend laptop battery life.

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How to extend laptop battery life

Stop And Disable Unuseful Applications:

Every application takes many resources to work. Basically, a number of awful application starts with the start of operating system. So these application takes a very large amount of power from laptop battery as well as they use RAM and slow down our computer system. So by the disabling Unusual application, we save laptop battery life as well as save the hardware resources of our computer system.

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How to extend laptop battery life

Right Way Of Charging The Laptop:

Most laptop users do not charge their laptop in a proper manner. Some of them charge laptop every time and alway plugin the charger. This is the main reason by which mostly laptop battery goes damage and sometimes decreases the battery backup too. The right way of charging laptop as well as all battery-powered devices is that first charge laptop until the its goes to the full limit then unplug the charger and charge laptop again when it is properly down. This way definitely increase the laptop battery life and its battery backup too.

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How to extend laptop battery life

Use SSD (solid state drive) Instead of HDD(hard disk drive) If Possible:

Basically, a laptop has a hard disk drive to store data. HDD or say hard disk drive have a rotating mechanism. A magnetic disk is rotated inside of a hard drive. When computer read and write data from the hard drive the rotating mechanism takes power from the laptop battery. In another hand, an SSD (solid state drive) have not any rotating mechanism. So the SSD is not taking to much power as compared to a hard disk drive. If there is no big deal with money we suggest the use of SSD instead of an HDD. By choosing SSD laptop battery life is increase and increase the battery backup.

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Conclusion Of How To Extend laptop Battery Life:

By the following this complete guide of how to extend laptop battery life anyone can finally extend their laptop battery life as well as also increase the overall battery backup. We will hope this guide is helped the readers. Readers also like and share this post on social media.