How to Disable Tumblr Safe Mode or Bypass it Without an Account

How to Disable Tumblr Safe Mode

Tumblr is a well-known micro-blogging launched in 2007. It seems like a blend of Twitter, WordPress, and Facebook.
Compared To other popular social media Platforms Tumblr can be called individualistic.

Its simplicity such Posting, Following other users, making it a very loved and easy to understand platform. You can post Text, Images, videos, gif on Tumblr.

Tumblr has hundreds of millions of blogs dedicated to everything from science to fashion. You can enjoy blogs according to your interests. You can get your daily need for cool Memes and GIFS.

But a large amount of NSFW content increases dramatically every year. So it’s having a certain blog with Adult content which restricted with a safe mode Warning.


Tumblr has safe mode turned on for all age group users by default. So if you want to complete access you have to turn it off manually.

NOTE: If you are under 18 year age group, There is no way to tun the safe mode off. And of course, you shouldn’t. You just enjoy cartoons and cute memes and GIFs for now

Step 1: login into your Tumblr account, click on the Account icon at the top right corner and then click on the Settings Tab.

Step 2: From the drop-down menu, click on the Settings tab.

how to disable tumblr safe mode 2019

Step 3: On the Setting, tab navigates to the Filtering section, tap the switch next to the Safe Mode to turn it off.
You should now see a field labeled Safe Mode.

How to Disable Tumblr Safe Mode

If the button beside it is blue, that means Safe Mode is currently enabled. Tap the button to disable the feature.

Great Job! Now you can access the Blog and post that were previously flagged as ‘not safe for work.’

But remember that once you sign out your account remember that when you sign out, you will no longer have access to you lose NSFW content, If you want to get access again then you need to turn it off again when you log in your Tumblr Account.

Disable Tumblr Safe Mode ON MOBILE

If you are a mobile user and want to access Tumblr NSFW content on your device. Then things are a bit different compared to turn off Tumblr safe mode on a desktop browser.

For iPhone and iPad Users

If you are an Apple iOS devices user, You can turn off Tumblr safe mode from the ios Setting app Instead of the Tumblr app setting.
Step 1: Go to the Setting on your iPhone.

How to Disable Tumblr Safe Mode
Step 2: Now scroll down to navigate the Tumblr Settings tab app option and tab on it.Step 3: Now on the Tumblr Settings tab, tap on the Safe Mode button.

How to Disable Tumblr Safe Mode
Step 4: Now you have to choose the option labeled with “Don’t Hide Anything” to turn Safe Mode off.

How to Disable Tumblr Safe Mode
Now You can access NSFW content. You just need to relaunch the app.

For Android Devices Users

If you are an android device user. Then you can disable the Safe Mode directly from the Tumblr app.

Step 1: Now tab on the Tumblr app and open it.
Step 2: Then tap on the Account tab at the bottom right corner.

How to Disable Tumblr Safe Mode
Step 3: Under the account tab tap on the gear icon at the top right corner.

How to Disable Tumblr Safe Mode
Step 4: Now Tap General Settings, and then tap the Filtering option.

How to Disable Tumblr Safe Mode
Step 5: Tap slides the button to Safe Mode to turn it off.

How to Disable Tumblr Safe Mode

That is now you can granted to access the NSFW content.

If you don’t have Tumblr Account

If you are not a regular Tumblr user and you don’t have a Tumblr account. But still, want to access Tumblr blog and content which flagged as NSFW. So some websites allow you to access the NSFW content without having ACcount or disabling Safe mode on Tumblr.

Let’s check out one by one.



Tumbex is a good solution to access Tumblr restricted content. As the website shown above you can search post individually. It offers you a customizable grid format which makes it easy to use. You can also set the quality of content like SD, HD, and MD according to your bandwidth.


How to Disable Tumblr Safe Mode

CASCADR offers you a very simple UI with powerful features. The thing I like on this website is its fast loading speed. You just need to search for any blog and it quickly shows you GIFs and images in thumbnails. This site is good for those want to search a thousand images. The best part of this website is, It allows you to download images in full resolution.


GramUnion allows you to access all Tumblr blog immediate wheater it restricted or unrestricted. You just need to type the query in the search box accordingly. It also offers you functionality such as hashtags and options to filters posts by media type — image, video, audio, etc.


How to Disable Tumblr Safe Mode

TumblViewr is coming with a simple design. You just have to search the name of the blog you want to see. and it immediately shows the results of images and GIFs in the thumbnail structure. You can also download the images in full resolution. and of course, you can access the restricted content.


So I hope you like this post. may it solve your Online restrictions content problem on Tumblr. If you are facing any issue during disabling safe mode in Tumblr, then you can comment on your problem in the comment box.

but keep in mind that the NSFW content isn’t for everyone. Tumblr provides us that option to access the restricted content. In this post, we also include some sites which allow you to access the things we discussed above without having a Tumblr account. They are the best options to enjoy Tumblr directly.

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