Make Grand Theft Auto Realistic With GTA V Redux Mod [Complete Guide]

How to Install GTA V Redux Mod

Grand Theft Auto V is already a very powerful and interesting game worldwide. There is not doubt how much people like and love this game. Can you imagine how much changes can be done in GTA V when you download GTA V Redux Mod and install it on your original and pirated copy as well. Well, guys, I’m here to guide you step by step to install GTA V Redux mod easily or if you want to remove this mod then we will update this article to how to remove GTA 5 redux, then you can go on here to GTA V redux uninstall guide.

We all know that by installing Mod, we can able to modify the Grand Theft Auto 5 according to our requirements.

Yes, there are lots of Mods are available by which we can make our Grand Theft Auto more powerful. Today I am going to introduce all of you to a new and powerful Mod for Grand Theft Auto V which knows as GTA V Redux Mod.

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Grand Theft Auto Redux Mod in now available for downloading. Do you know this is how much powerful? GTA v graphics overhaul.

The Grand Auto Theft is known for its stunning stories but there is something missing which the graphics quality. All we know that GTA V size is around 60GB.

There are lots of game which have the size of around 20GB less than GTA V. But still, they have brilliant graphics. GTA 5 straight outta Compton.

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So how to enhance the overall graphic of GTA V. Is there any way to solve the graphic quality issue of this game.????

A complete guide to installing and download GTA V Redux Mod is given below. There is any rocket science behind this process. I make this complete guide in possible easy steps.

If you follow this guide step by step then you surely  enjoy GTA V Redux Mod for GTA V on your Pc

Don’t panic I have the best solution for you that’s why I am here. 🙂

As I am said in above today I gonna to meet you a new GTA V Redux mod download. So what is that? let’s have a  looks at features and their power of Grand Auto Theft V Redux Mod.

GTA V Redux Mod provide amazing Enhance visual graphic in the game.

This Redux Mod change the game’s graphic layer.

Redux Mod completely change overall weather system, GTA V world illumination, Better objects, enhance fog injection.

Stunning sunrise and sunset with a beautiful evening. All the weather is making naturally due to this you feel like a real world.

Some present were added to the Mod such as Redux original, Redux lite POV style, (Ultra V1, V2, V3) and realistic.

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GTA 5 Redux Mod inject a spirit in the game, real life, Commercial vehicles, Bus stops and taxi.

If we talking about the road overall all road are changed by the new real and normal texture by you feel like a real highway simulation.

New Texture for all ground objects such as bottles, newspapers. All new weapons, new vehicle dirt, headlights texture, and lights with more natural colors.

After the installing this Mod all the particles effect are now in motion After the installing GTA 5 Redux Mod all the particles effect are now in motion.

GTA 5 mod police lspd More powerful water splash effect as a real world. If take a look at police system of the game this is amazing.

You know there are new Laws, helicopters, military vehicles, police and militaries are newly trends they have the new concept to kept you. So as you see the features of GTA Five Redux Mode.

This Mode is more than just a Graphic Enhancer. Below is the gameplay of the GTA V Redux Mod, watch and enjoy this video.

As you see in the video Mod changes overall game physics. Now You see all the details of every object. The Sky look more natural as you see. The Road details more realistic.

The rain effect more cloudy and looks natural. This Mod proved you a new handling experience for every different brand vehicle as well as the breaking and vehicle prominence is now more realistic and stunning too.

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When you play the game Grand Auto Theft V with Redux Mod you feel the difference  and new tire friction and traction on the different surface. Also the amazing break force and drift ability.

I am sure about that, you gonna crazy with this mod. 🙂

How To Download GTA V Redux Mod for PC

As you see this mode very powerful and have the natural graphic capability.

This Mod is 100% working and adds winning in your game.

You can download this from here GTA Five Redux Mod. Download Redux Mod and install on your PC.

But there some requirement of this Ultra HD Graphics mod, make sure you have the following requirements listed below:

  1. An Un-modded GTA V copy
  2. OpenIV
  3. ScriptHookV
  4. And Common Sense 😉

How To Install GTA 5 Redux Mod Step-By-Step:-

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So, this is the main part of this tutorial we’re here only for installing GTA V Redux mod and enjoying the real environment on the same 2-year-old GTA V with some advanced Graphics as well as Gameplay tweaks.

GTA 5 straight outta Compton. This is the step by step installation guide for Grand Theft Auto V Redux Mod, follow each below steps carefully.

Install ScriptHookV

  1. Download the latest version of the ScriptHookV.
  2. Now extract the file and copy the files:  ScriptHookV.dll , and  dinput8.dll  from the bin folder, and paste into your GTA V main directory.

Install OpenIV

  1. First of all, you need to download the latest version of OpenIV from the official website.
  2. Once it downloaded then install it. It’s installation size approx 11MB.
  3. Once it’s installed, open it and go to the Tools tab, then select the ASI Manager
  4. Now install the all 3 plugins: ASI Loader, OpenIV.ASI, and openCamera

Install ENB and RESHADE Presets

Make sure you’ve removed all previous ENB / Reshade files from your GTA 5 main directory.

  1. Go to the RESHADE OPTIONS folder in the extracted GTA5_REDUX download folder
  2. Now choose any one preset folder that what type of effect you want in your GTA 5.
  3. After choosing a preset, open that folder and copy all files and folder within your selected folder and paste into the main GTA 5 directory, overwriting everything if prompted.

Install GTA 5 REDUX Mod

Make we said above you must have a clean installation of GTA 5 and already have a proper backup. Let’s installing the Main GTA V Redux mod.

  1. First, create a folder in your GTA 5 directory and named as mods as we usually do before installing any mod.
  2. Copy the folder and files: update ,  x64 ,  common.rpf , and  x64a.rpf  to  x64w.rpf  and paste into the  modsHow to Install GTA V Redux Mod
  3. Now open the OpenIV, and click on the Tools tab then select the Package Installer and then locate the  REDUX_INSTALLER.oiv  file from the extracted GTA5 Redux folder
    How to Install GTA V Redux Mod
    How to Install GTA V Redux Mod
  4. Now click on install and then choose the option to install the mod inside the GTA 5 root directory.
  5. Then it will ask to install the GTA 5 Redux mod in your “game folder” or “mods folder.” How to Install GTA V Redux Mod
  6. Make sure to choose thegame folder” to your installation location; it will take few minutes to install, once it is installed, then you can run your GTA 5 as you usually do.
  7. Enjoy the Realistic Hills, Plants, Vehicles and new improvement to the whole game.

If you didn’t understand the above steps or facing any problem or stuck at any steps, then

please feel free to ask me. Yon can share your issue via commenting.

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As well all know GTA V is best to open world action-adventure game of all time (since 2013) and most thanks to Josh Romito for developing the Redux Mod Mod Download. This mod will transform your standard Grand Theft Auto V to the realistic graphics, and it has some improved gameplay options. So if you really like this mod and also like our this tutorial then don’t forget to share this on social networking sites after all sharing is caring.

If you’ve any problem during installation or getting an error or your game got crashed then watch the below tutorial to install GTA v redux install.

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