Useful Google Chrome Extensions For Sales Reps

Useful Google Chrome Extensions For Sales Reps


Google Chrome extensions provide large opportunities to accelerate sales. If you want to improve the works of your sales reps, pay attention to the following tools: is a free extension, which eases the process of scheduling. There is nothing complicated, just enter information about the meeting and choose time when you are available. The email will be sent and the recipient will know your available time. It is easy to reschedule the meeting for both parties.



Rapportive is a free extension, which displays data about the contact when you’re entering an e-mail address. It is a very useful tool for GMail, which will be highly appreciated by the sales reps. LinkedIn has purchased Rapportive with good reason.


Datanyze Insider

The very extension is free, but it needs a valid Datanyze account to work. The Datanyze Insider

Extension enables you to capture data from LinkedIn. Datanyze is a lead generation website, using which the sales reps are able to target companies according to various indicators, such as location, funding, usage of technology. E.g., some company in Texas received huge amount of funding. Using Datanyze platform, you can search for employees at this company via LinkedIn. In addition, you can import the lead lists to your CRM.


SalesforceIQ Inbox

SalesforceIQ Inbox is a paid tool, designed for sending of sales emails. It offers plenty of options: use templates, schedule sending of emails, offer times for meetings and log emails in Salesforce in automatic mode. The sales reps will highly appreciate the feature, which allows seeing when an email was read.



Crystal is extension that estimates the personalities of your leads and recommends the kind of communication. Crystal collects a plenty of data about leads in order to prepare an accurate profile. Based on this profile the extension offers types of communication. E.g., Crystal may recommend to start your email without salutation (if a lead prefers to get right down to business).



RingDNA has a free trial version, so the sales reps could feel its benefits. This extension can smoothly be integrated with Salesforce, providing the reps with the following options:

– fast dial of lead lists in Salesforce;

– connection with 400% leads by dialing from local area numbers

– automatic capture of all call data in Salesforce

-automatic management of follow-up tasks in Salesforce


NetHunt CRM

The NetHunt CRM as Google Chrome extension turns your Gmail into CRM. Using NetHunt CRM, you won’t need to switch between CRM and Inbox. This service has many features, including unlimited records and views, email tracking and mass mailing. Two subscription options for one user and multiple users are available. The cost of service depends on the number of users and starts with $10 per month.


Make your sales effective and take advantage of services listed above. Best wishes to your undertakings.