Google Now Provide Free Wi-Fi Service At Indian Railway Stations

Recently few weeks ago Delhi metro working on the free Wi-Fi services at Delhi metro stations. Now Google will plan to set up more free wi-fi services at more Indian railway station to provide the high-speed free internet for everyone. Google will organize this free service with the Railtel to provide high-speed internet for approx 100 Indian railway stations but the end of this year this will become 400. This free service is free for everyone if they are passengers, workers or visitors.


Currently, this Google’s free service is only available at 10 stations of the indian railway, and this used daily by 1 million of Indians if they are visitor or passengers. This is very useful for passengers to make their journey more memorial and filled with entertainment to watch the high definition video without buffering or download lots of thing without any limit.

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The below map showing the which railway stations currently using this Google’s free service.

Free Wi-Fi Service

This service has already launched at 10 indian railway staions including chennai, bhopal and other 8 cities railway staions. The main aim Google is to provide the high-speed free Wi-Fi at 400 more railway stations in India with the Railtel, and this is using by 10 millions of Indians per day at the end of this year.