Firestick Remote Not Working? Try this Fix!

Your Firestick remote stopped working? Here's what you can learn from my experience to fix it.
firestick remote not working

Amazon Firestick is known for its enjoyable experience that delivers to millions of users with seamless comfort having controls in hands. Yes, I also enjoy a lot watching my favorite series sitting on the couch holding the remote in my hands. One day my Firestick remote not working and I was not able to operate my firestick, switch between channele with the remote.

When the remote is not working then what can you do with Firestick? nothing! you’ll always have to use the inbuilt buttons or look for any other options or any third-party app in order to control the Firestick.

So that was the incident that happened with me a week ago I was literally frustrated with the remote which stopped working neither it’s pairing with firestick nor it’s fell down from the table but it suddenly stopped functioning. So if this thing ever happens with then my friend we’re on the same page! Just KIDDING!!!

Now, what to do? how to make Amazon Firestick remote work again? Well in this detailed guide I’m going to share the exact same things that I’d done when my remote wasn’t working to reset and later it started working again and I’ve completed all seasons of Game of Thrones without any inconvenience.

Why My Firestick Remote isn’t Working?

Before moving to the solution, we first need to understand what cause that prevent Fire Stick remote not working. This problem often faced by the lots of users even some them are those who have 1st generation Amazon Firestick, so this guide will also be helpful for them.

The main cause that I must be entitled if someone’s Amazon Firestick remote stopped working all of a sudden.

Here are the following reasons for fire stick remote not working.

Check the Batteries

The most common cause of why your Amazon Fire Strick stopped working could be the batteries you’re using in it. The remote itself consumes a lot of power and even some users reported the battery draining issue when using the Remote for a while.

As the Firestick remote has lots of features such as Alexa. This uses voice recognition technology to capture your voice command and send the signal to the Firestick device connected to your TV.

I found a question regarding the same quick battery draining issue topic on quora. And came across the few answers in which people recommend using the AAA batteries in Amazon Firestick makes it run for a longer period of time. On normal TV remote, they can last up to 6 months so you can expect it to be run for at least 2 months for your Amazon Firestick remote.

So you can try using different good quality and capacity batteries in your remote.

Syncing or Pairing Firestick Remote

Most of the time, the Fire TV remote comes pre-paired with the Firestick and but in case if it is not, then you have to sync the remote manually.

And sometimes people replaces their remote and it’s also not working with the Firestick because of unpairing. So here’s how to pair Fire TV remote with Firestick and TV.

  • Take your Firestick and plug it into your TV’s HDMI port.
  • Now turn on your TV and Firestick. Once it boot up, hold the Home button on Fire TV remote for about 10 seconds.
  • The will sync up your Firestick with the remote.

So this how you can do pairing. Hope this solves the Firestick remote won’t work problem.