How to Enable Fingerprint Gesture/ Scanner on any Android Phone

How to get FingerPrint on android

Hi, Guys today I’m gonna to tell you how to enable Fingerprint Scanner/ Gesture on any android smartphone. Do you know this feature came with Google’s Pixel smartphone? This is the most powerful feature from google. Now we can control Notification panel by the swipe on the fingerprint Scanner sensor.
We all google’pixel phone is packed with very impressive features and its price is up to Rs. 57,000. Which is generally not affordable to everyone?
But you wants to enjoy Google’s Pixel Feature.
Don’t’ worry Guys, Today will tell you how to get google’s pixel Fingerprint scanner on an android smartphone for Rooted as well as NonRooted.

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Benefits to Enable Fingerprint Gesture / scanner on the android phone.

  1. Toggle Notification using fingerprint gestures.
  2. Control over the media playback.
  3. opening an app using tapping.
  4. Activating sleep mode.

So as you see the benefits of Google’s Pixel Fingerprint Gesture on any Android phone. I must recommend you to install fingerprint Gesture on your Android phone. By using this feature you can increase your phone overall control by gesture and tap on phone’s fingerprint scanner.

Requirements to enable Figure Gesture Scanner on Android Phone.

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  1. Your phone Should have Android Marshmallow 6.0 or Nougat 7.
  2. Phone Must support Fingerprint Scanner.
  3. That’s it.

How to Enable Fingerprint Scanner/Gesture On any Android Phone

Ok, let’s see some very easy steps to get this awesome Gesture feature on your phone. first of all, you have to download an app from Google play store named Fingerprint Gestures.
Below I have given you step by step guide to install Fingerprint Gesture on Android phone.

Enable fingerprint gesture on android phone

  1. First, your have to download Fingerprint Gesture from play store.
  2. Install this app and then open it.
  3. Then you have to click on Enable Fingerprint Gesture Button.
  4. After this now go to Phone Settings > Accessibility > Fingerprint Gesture and turn on it.
  5. Now close your all tabs on your phone.
  6. Now again open Fingerprint Gesture app and Select features according to your need. One thing I tell you by these features you can do anything. You can register you by using this option registered finger will allow performing gestures.

Interesting ?
Of Course:):)

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Fingerprint Gesture app features for Rooted Android Phone.

If your Phone is Rooted then this app gives you some other interesting features like Scroll Up, Scroll Down, Sleep mode.

So by using this app you can power up your phone. I am trying my best to give this is possible easiest steps. If anyone can face issue regarding this guide. Feel free to ask by commenting in the comment box.

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