Wireless Charging Now Faster Than Wired Charging

The new wireless charging specification is announced by WPC (Wireless Power Consortium). A good news for all Smartphone lovers, new wireless power mat will launch in the market.which have very high capability of charging. They charge our smartphone very faster compare to wired charging. All the present wireless power mat in market have only 5 watts power supply. But according to WPC new Qi charging. The upcoming wireless power mat have  15 watts three times more power supply. Due this reason of new Qi wireless charging our smartphone charged fast as possible. This charging pad support mostly smartphone which Qi Compatible. Samsung, Apple, HTC also launched its power charging pad in the market for all smartphone, which Qi enabled.Fast Wireless Charging

Working Principle Of Wireless Charging

The real working behind the Qi wireless power, is the phenomenon of  electromagnetic induction. An induction circuit is attached to our smartphone, other induction circuit is integrated Qi charging pad. When we put our smartphone on the Qi charging pad Principle of  electromagnetic induction works , generates the magnetic field across our smartphone  and result is our phone start charging.

wireless charging

The wireless charging only works for those smartphone which is Qi-enabled. The first wireless charging smartphone is made by Nokia. In future Qi charging will take place of wired charging. because we just put our smartphone on the pad. These charging pad is better than micro USB charging. because a charging pad charge multiple phone at a time. Its depends on the size of charging pad. And also their is a big difference between charging method. In Wired charging  we plugging a jack into our smartphone and put on the table. when phone is charged completely, plug out charging. But wireless charging make it easy. All the smartphone companies makes its all upcoming smartphone wireless charging enable. All the upcoming portable multimedia speakers and smart watch is also Qi enabled. 

The wireless Qi charging will also make our Smart life easy. it is reduce charging time.