How To Install Remix OS Alongside Windows 10

Dual Boot Remix OS And Windows 10
By Techbian

Today we’re going to install Remix OS alongside Windows 10 means we’re going creating a dual-boot menu contain two operating system Remix OS and Windows 10, in other words we’re going Dual Boot Remix OS And Windows 10. If you want to install the Remix OS without a USB Flash Drive or install Remix OS on your HDD so this tutorial will help you to install Remix OS in Hard disk. Remix OS is the beautiful and user-friendly Android x86 Operating System.

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Most of the users was request us that they want to run Android App & Games and Windows 10 on a single PC, but on the other blog are already shared a way to install Remix OS with Windows but this is long method and it take lots of time and it is only for those who expert in rooting the Android OS, but our tutorial is simple, clean and 100% working to Dual Boot Remix OS and Windows 10 in Single a PC within 10 minutes.

Note :- This tutorial will work for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 also.

Advantages of Dual Boot Remix OS And Windows 10

  • Fast Installing
  • Fast Processing Speed than USB
  • Saving USB for Storing the apps
  • Run smoothly without any bugs
  • No need of USB flash drive
  • Run big apps smoothly than USB
  • And much more.

Things To Do Before Installing Remix OS Along Side Windows 10

  1. Create a 16 GB (16384 MB) Partition and format it in the form Fat32.
  2. Download the Remix OS for UEFI mode or Legacy mode.
  3. EasyBCD Software | Download
  4. MiniTool Partition Wizard | Download

How To Dual Boot Remix OS And Windows 10

so let’s go to install the Remix OS On Hard disk partition without the USB flash drive, we will soon to upload a video tutorial to Dual Boot Remix OS and Windows 10 within 10 minutes.

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But today we’re going to share only text-based tutorial, follow below steps carefully.

  1. Create a 16 GB Partition and format it in Fat32.
  2. Extract the ISO files in the created 16 GB partition.
  3. Open the EasyBCD tool >> Click On Add New Entry button
  4. In Portable/External Media section click on the ISO tab
  5. In the name field write Remix OS
  6. In the path field located the Remix OS ISO file and then click on the Add Entry button, if you’re not understand see this image BCD
  7. Now it will take 30-60 seconds defragment the partition.
  8. Now restart your PC.
  9. After Windows 10 boot screen you will see the menu of operating system having Windows 10 and Remix OS.
  10. Click On Remix OS and then select the Resident Mode to install Remix OS or Guest Mode to take a live Demo.
  11. You’re done.


This is easier and short way to dual boot Remix OS and windows 10 if your successfully to dual Remix Os & Windows 10 then please share this post with your friends, or if you’re facing problem then write your question/query in the comment we will help you soon. We will upload a video version of this tutorial soon.