Download Paid iOS Apps For Free Without Jailbreak 2021

A step by step guide to download paid apps and games for free on iOS devices (iPhone / iPad) without jailbreaking your device.
download paid apps for free ios without jailbreak

Are you looking a way to download paid apps for free without jailbreak in your iOS device? YES?

Well, If you’re looking for a way to try your hands on some of the paid apps and games without spending a buck and also without jailbreaking your iPhone then this guide will help you.

Since Steve Jobs releases the first iPhone with the very first version of iOS the apps have been evolved so much over the years, even the Original iPhone was the world’s first smartphone that comes with a Touch Screen, 2007 was the time when smartphones were born.

Then later Google introduced the Project Android and these two Mobile becomes the world’s most dominating OS in the industry. Well, we’re not going to cover the history of these two. We’re here to show you the way that how to download paid apps for free iOS without jailbreak.

YES, you read it right, you can technically download any paid app or game which are available on the AppStore without jailbreaking your device.

How to Download Paid Apps For Free on iOS

So the main guide starts here. We’ve shared a few methods of getting paid apps for free all these methods do not require jailbreaking. Just relax we’re not gonna ask you to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

Just keep reading this guide till the end and follow each step, you’ll end up enjoying some paid apps that you always wanted to have on your iOS device. So what do your waiting for just move ahead to the guide!

Appstore Alternatives

Download Paid Apps Free From Third Party App Stores

This the first and effective way to download paid apps freely without jailbreaking. Most of the iOS user gets sick of AppStore app’s pricing so decide to get the apps from external sources. However, these sources are not the official ones neither affiliated with Apple but they’re also not harmful to your device.

As some users have shared their reviews for the third parties app store and they find them useful in order to download paid apps for free even ones that are not available on the Apple AppStore. There numerous third parties app stores but we’ll share only the best where you can easily get your favorable app or game.

Follow the below steps to get paid apps whiteout jailbreak in iOS.

  • Open up your Safari browser and open the URL (you may have to use VPN to open this URL)
  • Once the webpage loads, tap on Download vShare, then you’ll be asked by a Popup to install “vShare” simply tap on install.
  • Once the app is installed, go to the home screen and look for the vShare icon, then it will you permission to trust the developer.
  • When it’s all done, open the vShare and search for the paid app that you want to download for free.

So this is how vShare lets you download paid apps and games for free without jailbreaking your iPhone. However, vShare is also available for Android too, feel free to share this with your Android buddy.

There’s another good alternative to vShare i.e. AppValley

  • Again open up your Safari browser, this open the URL (you may have to use VPN to open this URL)
  • When the webpage loads completely, tap on install and you’ll be asked by a popup that saying “This website is trying to download a new configuration profile
  • Simply tap on the “Allow” button.
  • Now head to the Setting >> General >> Profiles and Device Management, there you’ll see the AppValley profile
  • Tap on the profile then tap on the Install button by entering your passcode or via FaceID.
  • Go to the home screen and look for the AppValley icon and BOOM, you have the list of thousands of apps that you can download for absolutely free!

So, AppValley is the third party store which is considered as a good AppStore alternative if you’re looking forward to downloading paid apps on iOS without jailbreak.

Get Paid Apps Using Free-Trials Via In-App Subscriptions

Besides form app stores, there’s another way to use paid apps without jailbreak for free using free trial in the in-app purchases or subscriptions.

Some developers offer a free trial period of their app to users to try out the premium features and purchase the subscription accordingly when the trial period gets over. In the free trial period, you can use the app completely without spending a single buck. So that’s why this is another useful method.

So if you’re looking for a paid app, you can opt for the free trial by tapping on the “Get Trial” then enter your payment method and proceed to the installation, don’t worry your card won’t be charged until the trial period gets over.

And once the app is installed you can easily cancel the subscription.

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How to Cancel the Subscription?

  • Open up the Settings >> Profile
  • Now go to the iTunes & App Store Section
  • Then tap on the Subscriptions, now tap on your Apple ID and then View Apple ID
  • There you’ll the Subscriptions, simply tap on it and choose the Cancel Trial option to cancel the subscription

So this is another great way to get paid apps on iOS.

Keeping Your Eyes on Freemium Apps

Last but not least, the most basic but effective way getting paid apps for free that doens;t require jailbreak. In this method you need to keep your eyes on AppStore, as some developers occasionaly make their aaps avaibe for free for some time period.

Get Freemium Apps

So, all you need to do is just grab this opportunity you don’t need to download anything from external sources just wait for the app that available for free for a limited time and download it.

You can find such apps easily on AppStore by installing an app called “Apps Gone Free & Daily Tips” this app let you know and keep you updated with the apps that are available for free of cost. There’s a section in this app called “Today’s Apps Gone Free” here you’ll see a list of paid apps that are available for free right now, you’re free to download any of them.

That was the guide to download and use paid apps for free without jailbreaking your iOS device. There are several ways to do so, and the geeks always busy finding the loopholes and glitches to get something expensive or premium for free.

If there’ll be any other method for download paid apps then we’ll update this post so don’t forget to bookmark this page for future updates. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more iPhone tips/tricks and tweaks till then stay tuned and let them know in the comments which is your favorite app or game on iOS.

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