3D Printed iPhone Case Will Let You to Run Android On iPhone

iPhone Case

Computer Experts & Geeks or Tech Enthusiasts always try to mixing up the 2 operating systems and create developed the new one OS just like Jide they mixed up the Linux and Android-X86 and developed the new Android OS called Remix OS which runs on both Desktop and Laptop. Recently Hardware Expert or you can say a hacker named Nick Lee, the CTO of the Tendigi has created a custom case for iPhone device, that brings your the Android OS on your iPhone device, sound interesting hmm. Nick Lee was also running the wacky and old-school operating system Windows 95 on the Apple Watch.

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Nick Lee created a 3D printed iPhone case and he decides to make a clone of the Android Open Source Project, he puts some hardware on his 3D printed iPhone case like a battery, resistor and etc at first that case will become this look at below image.


So this above image shows the first iPhone case developed by the Nick Lee to Run the Android on iPhone device, but later Nick Lee redesign and redeveloped his 3D printed case make better than before which is slim and having the many ports and slots like HDMI, USB, and even SD card slot. Nick Lee also developed an app for iPhone called Tendigi which works done of booting of android on the iPhone device.

redesigned cutom caseWhen the Tendigi app is running the Android is direclty launch through just connecting the case’s cable to the Lightning port of an iPhone. Just like the Apple Watch runs Windwos 95 this 3D printed iPhone case is not available and not practical for your own iPhone, but Nick Lee has earned a reputation to developed this iPhone case and this Tendigi app for making it possiblee to run the Android on and App iPhone device.