Solved: Chromecast Source Not Supported Issue

A step-by-step guide to fix Chromecast Source not supported error while casting in Google Chrome browser.
Chromecast source not supported

Having a Chromecast device to stream the content online gives another kind of pleasant feeling but not so long when it throws an error called “Source not supported” while casting in Chrome browser.

This issue only occurs when you try to cast through the Google Chrome browser to the Chromecast device. Ever since Google rolled out an update version (79.0.3945) for its Chrome browser it kept showing users that you source not supported Chromecast whenever they try it with Google Chrome web browser.

After spending countless hours for a potential solution that can fix the casting source not supported issue. I went to every page that promise to solve this issue but not single work out for me. 🙁

After lots of attempts and done with random stuff luckily we were able to fix this issue. So in this post, I will be sharing the exact things that I’d done to resolve this source not supported problem.

How to Fix Chromecast Source Not Supported

If you’re a regular reader of Techbian then you’ve might know that we’re good at guiding the error fixing problem, like you can check out our guide on installing local channels on fire TV stick and today we’re going to fix this Chromecast issue.

Doesn’t matter if you’re Windows, Linux, or macOS user, this guide will work for all OS. All you just need to have the updated Chrome browser.

So without further ado, lets get started.

Solution #1: Update Google Chrome Browser

As we mentioned above, users are facing this source not supported while casting in Chrome version 79.0.3945. So we would suggest you keep your Chrome browser up to date with the most recent version.

If you’re not sure whether you’ve the updated version or not, follow the below steps to update it.

Step 1: Open up your Chrome Browser

Step 2: Navigate to the menu of the browser by clicking on the 3 dots on the top right corner to open the Settings or you can simply type this chrome://settings/ in the address bar.

Step 3: Go to the About Chrome section, where you’ll see the checking update process. It will start downloading the new updates itself if it’s not updated otherwise it will show Google Chrome is up to update like in the above image.

That’s everything to update the Chrome browser, hope this simple but effective solution solves your casting source problem.

Solution #2: Enable Mirroring Service

If you’ve ever explored the Chrome browser then you might have already know what Mirroring Service is. No no, I’m not talking about its features or settings, but I’m talking about Chrome browser Flags!

In every Chromium-based browser, you’ll get the flags where you can enable or disable any option, service, or features in the browser. Since our main concern is to fix the Source not supported while casting through chrome so will keep our focus on Google’s Chrome browser.

Enabling the Error Mirroring Service allows the Chrome browser to support the TV and other casting devices like Chromecast to cast in Google Chrome. By default, the Error Mirroring service is not enabled. You can enable it by following the below steps.

Step 1: Open up your Chrome browser.

Step 2: Navigate to Flags page by typing the URL: chrome://flags/ in address bar.

Step 3: There you’ll see plenty of flags by but we’ve to find the Error Mirroring one. To find it press Ctrl + F and search for Mirroring Service.

Step 4: Enable the Mirroring Service flag by clicking on the dropdown menu next to it and restart your Chrome browser.

Next time you open up your Chrome, the Mirroring Service flag would be enabled and this might potentially solve the problem of not supported source in Chromecast.

Solution #3: Remove these Extensions if Have

While scrolling the subreddits, I found that some users are able to fix sudden source not supported error by just removing the VPNs and Adblockers extensions they’d in their Chrome browser. Luckily this turned to be work for many of them.

So we would like to also suggest you make sure you don’t have any VPN or Adblocker extension installed in your browser if you remove them by these steps.

Step #1: Open the Chrome browser and type chrome://extensions/ then hit enter.

Step 2: If you have installed any VPN or Adblocker extension, simply uninstall by clicking the Remove button below every extension.

Step 3: Restart your Chrome browser.

So this was another way to get rid of this issue, you can now check to see if your Chromecast device is casting in your Google chrome.

Solution #4: Connect Your Devices to Same Network

cast tab source not supported

Besides removing the extensions, make sure your Chromecast device and your Laptop on which you’re using the Chrome browser are connected to the same network.

Sometimes your Wireless router might create different WiFi networks despite they belong to the single physical router but it might conflict with the connections between devices.

So make sure you all device are connected to same WiFi network.

Solution #5: Restart Your Laptop/MacBook/ChromeBook, Chromcast & WiFi Router

The last way to fix all this mess is to restart every device you’re using to casting. Restarting the device have worked for some reddit users so you can also try your luck with it.

So you can restart, and also enable Cast Media Route Provide to check whether it solve this issue or not.

If restarting only not able to fix your problem, then try to unplug the devices and reset them. This makes them configured back to default the way they came from the manufacturer. Even this thing worked for some users as well.

Last Words

We know the pain of getting inconveniences in the middle of watching the favorite content on the Chromecast but hopefully, these solutions will help you to solve this error. If you have any kind of question regarding any of these methods, feel free to ask in the comments. Till then stay tuned for more interesting guides.