Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord- Complete How to Guide

Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord- Complete How to Guide

Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord: Do you see yourself as a “Gamer”? If your answer is “yes” then you should at least consider reading this article. The number of people who play online games is rapidly increasing day by day. All the credit goes to technology.

To provide wonderful and qualitative experiences while playing online games, an app is known as “Discord” has launched in 2015. This app has designed to put the gamers at ease as it helps in communicating and coordinating.

Users can easily exchange texts and voice chats with each other while playing online and it is possible through private servers. The main purpose of developing this app is to connect communities on the internet which are related to each other.

No matter whether they are online gamers or writers or artists, anyone can join and connect to the world available on the internet.

Discord is the app that can be used on mobile as well as on your desktop, which provides multiple chatting options such as message board, chat lobby, and VoIP chatting system.

Out of all the voice chatting apps available in the market, it is one of the most preferred choices and also easily accessible on Mac, Windows, IOS, and Android.

Apart from online texting and voice chatting, users are also able to share music, images, GIFs, and internet links on this app.

As we all know that the gaming industry is gradually making its place in the market and that has helped in increasing the demand for this app.

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Here we can consider an example of an online game called “PUBG”, Discord has a whole different community of PUBG players where they can connect and get familiar with each other.

There are many communities on Discord, which are also known as Servers. Each server has different channels with several separate topics and rules.

You can easily find your desirable community/communities on the Discord search engine. You can connect Discord not only with PUBG or other online games but also other apps like Spotify, Youtube, Twitter, Xbox, Twitch, and Steam, etc.

How Discord helps-:

  • It provides a simple chatting feature that helps in connecting.
  • Users can also video chat with each other.
  • It has its own search engine where you can easily connect with the communities as per your interest.
  • Apart from online gaming, it also has channels related to other topics like movies, anime, inspirational topics, etc.
  • Easily accessible by MAC, Windows, Android, and IOS users.

How Discord comes out as a unique option than the other VoIP services?

Let’s find out below!

Although there are many options available for users that provide VoIP services to them. But there are few things which make Discord a better available option for them.

  • It provides the facility to use the app in the browser.
  • It provides its superior services for free of cost.
  • Users can easily share the screen.
  • It also has an option of music bots which enhances its quality of music.
  • Despite providing free services, it does not contain ads.
  • It provides both public and private servers.
  • It is always updated.
  • It helps not only in gaming but it is also a complete social media app.

Are you also facing Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord issue

If there is technology, then there are technical glitches too. Sometimes, it is possible to have Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord issues while using the Discord app. Voice chat experience is not always efficient due to many reasons. Similarly, when users try to have voice chat by using Discord app, they might get some technical glitches such as the recipient is not able to hear them, or sometimes the sender is not able to hear and this goes on. The reasons could be anything, maybe the devices or network or bugs. Majorly the problem is not that big, how big we think. To help you out, we have suggested some solutions below.

Let’s have a look!

Basic initial steps that you need to follow-:

  • Try restarting the Discord app.
  • Get your devices checked such as speaker/headset.
  • Re-plug-in the speakers or headsets.
  • Start your mobile or desktop again.
  • Discord releases updates frequently, so update it as soon as possible.
  • You can also try reinstalling the app.

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If the above steps didn’t work well, kindly follow the below steps-:

Put the Legacy Audio Subsystem ON:

There are possibilities that the hardware is not compatible with the audio subsystem of Discord, which creates issues while communicating over voice chat. In this case, we will suggest you to turn ON the legacy audio subsystem. This has helped users many times.

In order to complete this action, kindly follow below given steps-:

  • Open the app.
  • Press on the “USER SETTINGS”
  • Select “VOICE & VIDEO”
  • Turn it to ON mode.
  • A new dialogue box will appear on the screen, then press “OKAY”
  • And you are done.

Select as Default Devices:

These settings are something that your device (Windows) learns by heart during the installation of the program and also gives you an option to change it as per the requirement. Similarly selecting the audio devices as default devices is important for the proper functioning.

In order to complete this action, kindly follow below given steps-:

  • Find the icon of “SOUND” on your desktop’s taskbar.
  • Right-click on the same icon.
  •  Now click “SOUND CONTROL PANNEL” under the “RELATED SETTINGS” at the right-hand side.
  • Look for “AUDIO DEVICE” then right-click the tab.
  • Final check by re-starting the Discord.

Don’t forget to check selected input/output devices:

Incorrect selection of devices is one of the common mistakes that people make which causes challenges.

In order to complete this action, kindly follow below given steps-:

  • Go to “USER SETTINGS” of Discord.
  • “VOICE & VIDEO” option is given there, click on it.
  • Then you will see the “INPUT” & “OUTPUT” option.
  • Now check whether you have selected the correct devices or not. Choose the first option, if you are in doubt.
  • Note: Kindly check the selected input/output devices in your system also.

Try using Web Version:

With the intention of avoiding systemic errors, always try using Discord app on the web version. It functions more efficiently when you use it on the web as you are able to get more specific information and the most desirable experience. You also don’t have to face any problems related to bug if you are using a web version which will enhance its quality.

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Refresh the app more frequently:

As you might know that you need to update the Discord app more frequently. But if the update has been released by the Discord and you haven’t updated your app yet, this causes issues. The reason behind this can be bugs. Discords always try to solve these problems and that is why it releases updates. So, refreshing the app will assist you.

You can also try changing the server region:

The voice channels are affected by the server region and changing the server regions can fix the problem.

To complete this action, kindly follow below given steps-:

  • Open the Discord app
  • Click on “SERVER SETTING” in the menu.
  • The page will appear showing “SERVER OVERVIEW”
  • Press on the “CHANGE”.
  • Select a suitable region.
  • Click on “SAVE CHANGES”.


I hope this guide will help you to solve Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord issue. If you are facing any issue that conflict discord app. please tell us in comment, If you like this guide please share it on social media and stay in touch for more helpful step by step guide.

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