Things To Do After installing Windows 10: Tips & Tricks

Best Windows 10 Tips & Tricks

We all know Windows 10 is biggest changed in the Microsoft Operating Systems fields and we also know that Windows is the best ever operating system from Microsoft and run on the major devices such as Smartphones, Desktops, Laptops, and tablets. One of the best thing about the Windows is its performance and appearance both this thing is awesome. Windows is the best choice in case of Gaming, Educational and Business fields. I make the history again of Microsoft and we give the Windows 10 to Operating System of the year. As it has the DirectX 12 then this boost and supercharge your Gaming performance better than the Windows 7,8 and 8.1. Overall Microsoft Windows is the best ever operation system for various devices. But today we’re not going to review the Windows 10. We’re going to share some Windows 10 best tips and tricks to increase your Windows 10 performance tweaks which helps you the make your Windows 10 experience much better. Windows is famous for its best apps and gaming performance.

5 Best Windows 10 Tips and Tricks:

We sharing some best tips and tricks which are unique and you never tried out before in your Windows 10 PC. So read the below all best tips and tricks for Windows 10.

1. How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Enterprise – Best Trick

When you completely installed your Windows Pro or Home version on your PC/Laptop then you get the some feature in that version but, did you know that the Enterprise version of Windows 10 having the more features than the Pro and Home version. You want to get Windows 10 Enterprise so you no need to download externally an ISO of that version or no need to upgrade it. we’re going share a Key which helps your to upgrade to Enterprise without the internet connection. Follow the below steps.

  • Go To Settings then choose the Update & Security
  • Then Click on the Activations
  • Now click on the Change product key button
  • Then enter the below key on there then restart your PC
    upgrade to enterprise 

2. How To Enable Hibernation Mode

hibernation mode

We all know that Hibernation is power saving mode on both desktops and laptops but in Windows 10 this is  unable to see power options when you click on power icon to shutdown or restart your PC then you want to place Hibernate button there just like the Shutdown, Restart, and Sleep, so follow below steps.

  • First, open Run using Win + R keys
  • Then type the powercfg.cpl in Run command then hit Enter.
  • Then on the left side click on Choose what the power button do
  • Then click on Change settings that are currently unavailable
  • At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the Shutdown settings section
  • On there check the Hibernate box then click on save changes

3. Open “This PC” instead of “Quick Access” when Click On Windows Explorer

In Windows 10’s taskbar, there is a Windows Explorer already pinned icon when you click on it then Quick Access Window is open which is great for some users and some not then you want to change Quick Access to This PC when your click on the Windows Explorer icon then follow below steps.

  • Open Windows Explorer then on the top right side click on the option
  • Then in General Tab choose the Open File Explorer to This PC
    Quick Access to This PC

4. Turn off All Animation in Windows 10

This trick for those people which has hardware hungry PC like they only 1GB RAM unable to run Windows properly or fast then you need to turn off all animations which take lots of graphics memory so turn off all and make your Windows 10 PC faster even low-end configurations.


  • Open Settings by pressing  Win + I keys together.
  • Now go to Ease of Access then click on Other options
  • There you’ll see the Visual options
  • Just turn off the Play animations in Windows option
    turn off animations

5. Remove 6 Extra Folders From “This PC”

Remove Extra Folders

This is the very interesting and trick of this post you’ve seen daily the 6 extra folders when your open the “This PC” those folders are Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos. So these folders take the lots of space due to this we have scroll down to choose our drives so the Vishal Gupta share a registry to remove these 6 extra folders from the This PC Window and Browse Window

Download Registry Files to Remove 6 Extra Folders From This PC Windows


So these are our best collection of Windows 10 tips and tricks, we hope you enjoyed this post and try all tricks on your PC/Laptop and don’t forget to share this Windows 10 tips and best tricks with your friends on social sites. We’ll come son with the another interesting post and did you that window 10 look going to change on this Windows 10 Anniversary. Good Bye and keep visit us.