Best Way to Archive Outlook Emails | How to Archive in Outlook

how to archive outlook emails

How to Archive in Outlook: We often face issues while using outlook. All of sudden, it stops working and we are not able to exchange emails. But have you ever thought why it has suddenly started acting weird? And we start finding the Best Way to Archive Outlook Emails.

The basic reasons can be the unorganized mailbox and shortage of memory. Most of us want to know that where does archived mail go. In order to solve this issue, you can simply archive your outlook emails.

Archiving is a simple process that you must perform. Under this process, people systematically manage their emails so that they don’t have to face issues in the future while finding a particular email.

Unlike our cupboards, our inbox should not be a mess, or else it can mess your outlook performance. A systematic work approach is a key to perform any task and that’s how to archive emails in outlook too.

Archiving emails help you to work efficiently. You can easily access your emails and it does improve the performance of your outlook.
You need to understand that archiving is not equal to back-up. Back-up can be defined as keeping a copy of the data and archiving is storing the data so that it can be easily accessed by people shortly.

Every organization should have a habit of archiving email for fulfilling future purposes. Because unorganized emails put an impact productivity and drain the energy of the users or employees.

In this article, we are going to provide you a quick guide on how to archive emails in the outlook for future purposes.
Many situations come in our daily life where we feel like having instant access to emails and the other important data of the company.

The data can be in the form of images, documents, word files or excel files which we share through email. From an important meeting with the manager to audits, the presence of complete and managed data is a must.

One of the biggest reasons can be our dependency on the data. Outlook archive works as a solution to your issues. It is like putting books on the shelf systematically so that easy access can be made in the future.

You can create a new folder or folders according to your feasibility in outlook archive settings. Name them as per your preference, so that you can easily find them. Even you can name and segregate those folders for different people.

In other words, a separate folder can be generated for a separate individual. Remember, the only sole purpose is to make those particular emails easily accessible.
There is one more option available for default archiving. It refers to turning ON the auto-archiving option which is available for you, to enhance the performance of the outlook.

How to archive in outlook, Follow the Steps.

How to archive in outlook
  • Press on “FILE”.
  • Then select “OPTIONS”, choose “ADVANCED”.
  • You need to click on “AUTO ARCHIVE SETTINGS”.
  • Now you can select the specific time period for running auto-archiving.
  • Understand the difference between the process of archiving emails and keeping the back-up of emails.

People often get confused between email archiving and email back-up. This has become a forever topic for discussion and is mostly misunderstood by the people.

But let us clear you that they both are completely different from each other. Email back-up performs its job for short period, in which it provides easy and instant recovery of emails that have been deleted or lost.

It is not necessary that the lost data must have been deleted, there are chances of accidental loss, malware, and illegal theft. You must have seen when we install Watsapp in our mobiles, the back-up period of data is asked by that app before starting/using.

After selecting the time for the back-up of the data, it starts functioning as selected by us. That app asks for daily and monthly back-up of data.

Similarly, the email back-up functions, you can select the time period for data back-up and lost emails can be recovered by doing this.
During the current time, cloud storage is used by companies and individuals. It can be defined as storing data on the internet.

It has replaced the traditional ways of storing data such as software back-up and external stage devices. During the back-up process, the new data takes the place of old data.

In other words, to restore a few mails, the whole database will be replaced. In this process, the important emails can be lost, that were present in the initial database.
Unlike email back-up, email archiving is not something related to deleting the previous data to make space for the new data. In fact, it is not about replacing and switching new data from the previous one.

When we archive mails, we simply add new emails in the archive folder without the intention of deleting previous data. Whether it is new email data or old email data, any data can be accessed at any point in time.

The situation is more similar to collecting different kinds of, let’s say pens or spoons. People add new different things into their collection, that doesn’t mean the old collection will be replaced by the new ones.

Even the old collection can not be destroyed or even thrown away. This is because the new ones are not superior to the old ones and carry the same value. This happens while archiving outlook emails also.

You can simply search for the emails from the archive folder. It depends on you, if you wish to delete old mails for freeing up some space and for enhancing the performance of outlook, I hope this guide solved your how to archive emails in outlook, Do remember archiving emails helps for a longer period of time.

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