Best phone Camera in 2016: Review, Test, Comparison

Best phone camera in 2016

A good camera is the basic need of every person in this hi-tech world. We all wants to capture our every moment with very detail and in better quality. So we all want a best Phone camera. Generally, most of the people want to use a best phone camera instead of a digital camera. So today we come with our list of best phone camera in 2016. In this year, many smartphones come with the best camera as well as many new features which we use to enhance picture quality and capture our lovely moments with every details and color. See all best phone camera in 2016.

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List of Best Phone Camera in 2016 With Price:

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Samsung Galaxy S6: Camera Quality, Price

Best phone camera in 2016


Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with the very impressive camera. The Samsung Galaxy S6 have a 16MP rear camera with optical image stabilization as well as autofocus and HDR. The low light image quality is brilliant. It easily takes the picture in low light without losing image details. The main feature of Samsung Galaxy S6 camera is its takes half time of a second to capture the image, due this quality of Samsung Galaxy S6 camera, it’s never missing any moment in the picture.So these feature is making its best phone camera in 2016. This best phone camera Samsung Galaxy S6 price is around Rs. 33,900.00/-.

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LG V10: Camera Quality, Price

Best phone camera in 2016

The LG V10 has powerful 16MP rear camera with lots of new features. If we talking about the functionality of LG V10 camera. its has a f/1.8 aperture camera lens which takes a Bri leant  picture in the dark environment. LG V10 comes with two front camera which takes the picture at 120-degree this technology is known as tri-camera technology. The overall functionality of LG V10 is very good. So that way it is also a best phone camera in 2016. The LG V10 price in India is around Rs. 49,999.00/-.

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iPhone 6S Plus: Camera Quality, Price

Best phone camera in 2016

The quality of a good phone camera does not depend upon the how many megapixel. Only one smartphone manufacturer named Apple applies this phenomenon on its smartphone. Due to this resonance, a very expensive Apple’s smartphone camera is in only 12MP. For this time, we talking about Apple iPhone 6S. This powerful smartphone is come with a 5MP front and 12MP rear camera which is record 4K video wth [email protected]. This best phone camera in 2016 has an optical stabilisation technology which is generally known as OIS. The Apple iPhone 6S price in India is 45,499.00/-.

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Sony Xperia Z5: Camera Quality, Price

Best phone camera in 2016

Sony Xperia Z5 is also a big and powerful player in the race of best phone camera in 2016. Sony always uses its latest technology from its 4K TV and its powerful camera in its manufacturing of smartphones. From very long time Sony Xperia series has a big name in the world of the phone camera. Sony Xperia Z5 comes with a 23MP rear camera with a very large number of functions. This smartphone comes with sony’s stabilisation technology and its fast autofocus, the result is very sharp and clear image. It also supports 4K recording with [email protected]. Sony Xperia Z5 price in India around Rs. 42,486.00/-.

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Lg G4: Camera Quality, Price

Best phone camera in 2016

The LG G4 is packed with a powerful 16MP rear and an 8MP front camera. If see the technology behind its LG G4  16MP rear camera. Its has an impressive low light is image capturing ability. This powerful best camera phone in 2016 takes 4k Image and video with [email protected]. LG G4 also supports the optical image stabilization(OIS). For more on Lg G4 see a complete review of LG G4. The LG G4 price in India is around 40,000.00/-.

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Lumia 950 XL: Camera Quality, Price

Best phone camera in 2016

The Lumia 950 XL is a big competitor in the list best phone camera in 2016. The Lumia 950 XL comes with pure view technology basically we all aware of this term. Due to pure view technology Lumia 950, XL comes with a 20MP camera with Carl Zeiss optical. Lumia 950 XL phone camera offering Image Stabilisation (OIS) with a tri-LED Flash. There is no doubt with PureView technology the overall image quality is brilliant. For more details about this camera phone see a complete review of Lumia 950 XL. Microsoft Lumia 950 XL price in India is around RS. 47,000.00/-.

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Moto X Pure Edition: Camera Quality, Price

Best phone camera in 2016

The next Smartphone in the list of best phone camera in 2016 is Moto X Pure Edition. The Moto X Pure Edition is shipped with a 21MP rear camera which has f/2.0 aperture optical with dual LED flash. The Moto X Pure Edition supports fast autofocus and low light image. The overall camera performance is awesome. The Moto X Pure Edition price in India Rs. 30,000/-.

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HTC One M9: Camera Quality, Price

Best phone camera in 2016

HTC One M9 is packed with very powerful feature and a powerful 20MP camera with f/2.2 aperture, autofocus with dual LED flash. The image quality of HTC One M9 is brilliant . its support 4K video recording with [email protected]. The low light image is impressive and takes every detail from the real picture. The front camera of HTC One M9 is 4Ultrapixel. If we talking about its video recording functions HTC One M9 record HDR video with stereo soundHTC One M9 new update is also increased  its camera quality. After the update of the phone, the camera takes the very clear image of every detail. The new update of HTC One M9 is delivered auto exposer which becomes the main reasons of good quality image. The new update also enhances the low light image of HTC One M9. So that’s the reason HTC One M9 take a place in the list of the best camera phone in 2016. The HTC One M9 price in India is Rs. 42,000/-.

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