How To Install Android Marshmallow On Android Wear Smartwatches

Nowadays some Android Wear Smartwatches manufacturers rolling out the Android Marshmallow 6.0 OTA (over-the-air) update for their smartwatches. But these OTA updates take sometimes few days, week or months, so need to wait until you;ve received OTA update notification on your Android Wear smartwatches. If you don’t want to wait for Android M 6.0 update notification OTA update then this guide will help you to install Android Marshmallow on your Android Wear Smartwatches. I found this tutorial from a Sub-Reddit. So which means through guide we’re going to install Android M on the some android Smartwatches with few simple steps. Your Android Smartwatch should have installed Android Lollipop then proceed to install Marshmallow update.

Once you installed the Android Marshmallow on your smartwatch then this update brings new updated features like voice action, speaker support, app restriction, some new gestures, battery saving feature and some other new and cool features but all of these depends on your Smartwatch hardware.

Disclaimer: Before let me show you the method to install Marshmallow OTA on your smartwatch, read this disclaimer first.

If you’ve already recieved an OTA update notification on your device then you no need follow this guide but read our other guide, otherwise you proceeds to installation section but this must be done at your own risk, we’ll not responsible for any damage occur on your Android Wear.

One more thing that you must have all drivers of your Android Wear and installed on PC/Laptop, if not then download required drivers from manufacturer official website. And more thing is that this manual installation guide requires a USB cable connection between your watch and PC if you have Android wear which dows not support USB cables so  this guide is not for you, then you have to only wait for the OTA update notification.

Manually Install Android M OTA On Android Wear Smartwatches [For Microsoft Windows Users]

  1. First of all, you need to download the ADB then install the ADB & Fastboot drivers on your PC, follow this [Guide].
  2. Once you installed the and setup the ADB and fast boot drivers, download the Marshmallow OTA update file for Android Wears from [here] then save it as and copy it to your ADB installation directory.
  3. then Enable the ADB debugging option in your Android Wear smartwatch.
  4. Now your Android Smartwatch is in Developer mode, then connect your Android Wear Smartwatch to your PC via USB cable (if supported), Then authorize your PC for USB connection.
  5. Now go to ADB installation directory, now right click on any empty space in your ADB installation directory then choose the option “open command window here
    Screenshot (3)
  6. Now you opened the command prompt on your PC, then type the below command there

    adb device

    This command checking the USB connection between your Smartwatch and your PC

  7. Now again type the below command

    adb reboot bootloader

    This command will boot your Android Waer Smartwatch to the bootloader.

  8. Once your device is in bootloader mode then type the below command to install the OTA file

    adb sideload

    Now this command will install your downloaded OTA marshmallow 6.0 update on your Android Wear device.  Wait for until installation finished.

  9. Now reboot your Android wear device, and enjoy the Android Marshmallow on your Smartwatch.

For Mac Users:

Follow 1 to 7  above steps as it same then when you’ll come to step 8 then replace the ADB sideload with ./adb sideload

For Linux Users:

Follow 1 to 7  above steps as it same then when you’ll come to step 8 then replace the ADB sideload with sudo ADB sideload (to take the administrative privileges)


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