Change Cortana’s Default Search Engine To Google Search Engine

Windows 10 Cortana

Cortana is the artificial intelligence personal assistant of the Windows 10 users, she is very intelligent, fast and easy to navigate assistant. This assistant can work actually in this way then when to ask any question or query then she can find your suggestion or answer on Bing search engine and using the Microsoft Edge browser. As we know that Bing is the second most popular Search Engine in the internet world and we also know that Edge is the new browser launched with Windows 10. But we also know that Google is the king of the lots of information, answer and data. Most the Windows 10 users wants to force Cortana to search with Google instead of Bing. Today we come with this post to change the default search engine i.e Bing in Cortana and set the Google search engine as the default search engine and chrome as a Default web browser. The whole taskbar of the Windows 10 is running through and find your search results from Bing search engine, so if don’t like to get search results from bing and you want to get search results from Google then this guide is definite for you.

Generally, we all know that Cortana is placed next to the Start button located in the taskbar when you forced the Cortana to search with Google then you’ll get the most accurate and best results. That means Cortana has worked well also with Google search engine. This guide is very easy to follow and implement, so you no need to be a developer or an expert person. everyone change the Cortana’s default search engine to Google search engine via this guide.

Things You Need to Force Cortana to Search With Google

  • Chrometana Chrom browser extension
  • Google Chrome browser
  • Windows 10 registered with Microsoft Account

Bonus Tip!: You can not only replace Bing search engine with Google you can also add the DuchDuchGo or Yahoo search engine in your Windows 10 Cortana to get best results from your selected search engine.

So I’m going to tell you how to add Google search engine and set Google Chrom as a default web browser on Windows 10 Cortana, just follow below steps.

How To Add Google Search In Cortana:

  1. First of all, you need to download the latest version of  Google Chrome web browser from any sites
  2. Now open the Windows 10’s start menu then click on settings>>System>>default apps
    Now here you can choose the browser to make default browser in your Windows 10. let see the below image
    Screenshot (10)
  3. Now open the google chrome browser and download Chrometana extension.
  4. After downloading the extension, now open it
  5. Now here you can select Google or your Search engine which want to get search results via searching from Windows 10Cortana.
  6. Now let’s check the results search anything in taskbar then you’ll be redirected from Bing to Google search results.
  7. Enjoy!


So this is the guide to change the Cortana’s default search engine(bing) to Google search engine and gets results from Google, and you can get results from duck duck go and Yahoo! search engines just go to Chrometana’s option and select your search engine. If you’ve any problem then feel free to ask in comments or in Facebook Page and don’t forget share this post.