How To Fix Windows 10 Won’t Wake Up From Sleep Problem

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fix windows 10 dead sleep laptop issue

I am back with a fresh solution of the very popular problem of windows 10 PC that is windows 10 won’t wake up from sleep. After the install or Upgrade Microsoft Windows 10. Most of Laptop and Notebook User are got a problem regarding the wake up from the sleep state. When a windows 10 laptop system goes into sleep safe. Then the system does not wake by pressing keyboard button or using the mouse as same as generally computer system wake up from sleep. You can  see all the internal hardware are working but PC not wake up.

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Mostly all of you facing this problem with windows 10 and searched all the blogs and form to finding the solution of this problem. Are you got the solution ???

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By the way, the solution of this issue is not of the following as most of the blogs give you !!!! 

  • By the upgrading the Display driver
  • By turn off Fast boot
  • By disabling windows sleep property via CMD
  • By roll back to old driver

One thing I want to tell you that all of these methods are not going to solve your problem of windows 10 desktop won’t wake up from sleep in anyhow. 🙁

Because this issue is in the file of the windows system not in the windows driver or function.

Let me first grab some of your attention. I personally face this problem and one day I realized that this issue is neither in the function of operating system or nor  is the hardware capability. So I start checking the system file. After the two hours of hard work. Do you know what happened?

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BOOM I Got the solution of this major issue of windows 10.

After the finding, the solution of windows 10 won’t wake up from sleep issue. I check this solution in all possible situation which is the listed bellow.

Testing the solution of issue windows 10 won’t wake up from sleep

I check this solution in following states.

  • Shutdown
  • Sleep
  • Hibernate
  • Restart

So then I think to give this solution to all of the windows 10 users. So today I write the article regarding this problem of windows 10. Let See the step by step guide to this solution.

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Steps To Solve Windows 10 Won’t Wake Up From sleep Problem:

Step 1:

Go to the start and type “disk cleans up” and open it.

How To Fix Windows 10 Won't Wake Up From sleep Problem

Step 2:

Select (C:) drive and click on “OK” button.

How To Fix Windows 10 Won't Wake Up From sleep Problem

Step 3:

Then click on “clean up system files” button.

How To Fix Windows 10 Won't Wake Up From sleep Problem

Step 4:

Then check all the check boxes except the first box that is “windows defender”. Then click on “OK” button.

How To Fix Windows 10 Won't Wake Up From sleep Problem

Step 5:

A dialog will be open. Then you have to click on “Delete file ” button.

How To Fix Windows 10 Won't Wake Up From sleep Problem

Boom your problem has been solved.


After reading this guide I am sure that you problem will be solved. Apply this guide How To Fix Windows 10 Won’t Wake Up From sleep Problem on your windows 10 Pc and get rid of Dead sleep problem of windows 10. If anyone can face the problem during this process, feel free to ask me questions regarding your problem, by commenting in the comment box. And one thing you have to do for me please like and share this post on the social. See you soon with more interesting topics. 🙂 

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  1. mehrad

    Aug 24, 2016 at 12:39 AM

    Hi,with solving this problem in this way,there wouldent be a new problem in windows??!it seems that it cleans windows files!!!!


    • Prajjwal Rajput

      Aug 29, 2016 at 1:01 AM

      I agree with you, but we all know that DisK cleanup tool is use to clean up the Windows files. But I’ve found a benefit of this tool to fix the Windows 20 won’t wake up a problem in Laptops. So you shout try Disk Cleanup.


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